Jun 2, 2010


it's been a whirlwind couple of months and i don't remember all that i wanted to blog about. but i do know i need/want to blog. so update piece again.

- the move went rather well. helps to have good movers. it was a little disconcerting when it took them a little less than 15 mins to load the stuff that had taken me more than 15 days to pack. also, we had to race to get here before they did. and they still won. but i guess, i should be happy about that. if anyone wants a reference, get in touch. they were fab!

- we've settled in. ok. not all settled. but getting there. kinda, sorta. slowly. more so, coz the space doesn't permit me to unpack everything. also, we would need to change apartments in abt 6 months. so no point unpacking it all. so well, yeah. i think we're almost settled. for now.

- ARE nice desis. yes, apart from the 'smile-and-they-look-away' or the 'they-keep-staring-at-you' kinds that everybody (and me) keeps coming across and talking/bitching about on blogs. and luckily, we found them nearby. they're moving away shortly, but they've reinstated the hope that not everybody who moves here from india is prone to negative attitude/behavior towards others who have moved from there.

- got a much-needed break. that gets over this sunday. since the last blog post, we've done log-cabin camping, 1000 islands, vermont, explored the adirondacks, checked out nearby beaches and a little bit of boston already. helped that vibs and dewey were here.

- find the cutest dental hygienists. my cleaning sessions are fun, despite the fact that i HATE to go for them.

that's all that's been happening. if your'e still around, give me a shout. will let me know who all still read this space. will blog soon... soon as i remember what it was that i wanted to blog about.


Galadriel said...

heehee.. i'm a nice desi i think! :D

Anonymous said...

and she's back :)
any Ramu kaka updates? :)

Prashanti :) said...

I promise, I am a super nice desi :) Now, where did you move to? BOSTON ??? and welcome back :)

La vida Loca said...

I am not a nice desi. so there.
And am waiting to see your cattiness in person.

Pixie said...

nice to see you back! :)
Nice to know you are settling in!

I could be a nice desi as well - one never knows! :D

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Kya ab attendance dena padega blog pe? :( Bharosa nahi hai? *sniff*

Wow @ at all the roaming about, and packing and unpacking too :P Arre... you're moving again in 6 months? Kya ek jagah pe rehna pasand nahi hai kya tumko??


Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Probably your neighbours did a secret scan about you and found your rants on your blog. So, they were well informed and knew how to behave :)

Preethi said...

where are the nice desi's?? I got lucky too and have a couple families next door who are nice.. others just turn and stare.. and it is not just hte desi's here, the asians too :) You have a blast girl..

DewdropDream said...

You wanted to blog about all the stupid/silly things I said while I was with you. And the stuff Vin said. And you said in response to ... :D

Pavi!!!! said...

Glad everything is goin well at ur end. Happy happy joy joy !

and and...reading that u visited Vt n recollecting tht we didnt meet...YET makes me feel sad:(

Tigress said...

Hey...good to see you back on the block..Keep them posts coming. :)

rayshma said...

tigress: feels good to know that you guys are still around! :)

pavi: i knoww... makes me sad too. but heyy, next time, pucca!! MUAH!

dewey: yeah, i don't remember most of the bloggable things, tho... :-/

preethi: haahhahaa... yeah, i've come across only those so far. these two were the exception, i think.

S: arre i don't rant. i've read a lot of blogs where they do, though. i just torture ppl with dodgy music/movies! :D

alice: of course attendance is compulsory. nahi toh defaulters list mein tumhara naam daal doongi! ;)
we're nomads. i even dress like one ;)

pix: i used to be a nice desi, i think. i gave up sometime ago.

loca: i'd love to meet you as well! let's see when we get down to that.

prashanti: yeah, near boston. do you smile at other desis without the desire to spook them by doing so? then, you're a nice desi! :D

CR: ramukaka tales off this space. ramukaka threatens to sulk otherwise! ;)

G: yeah right! you learn to be "nice" first. THEN be a nice desi! ;) and meet me soon, bitch!

Anonymous said...

no like this theme. earlier blue was better. change.


rayshma said...

alice: thy wish is my command! :D

Anonymous said...

Muchas better!! :D

Mahogany said...

Welcome to the neighbourhood :)