Jun 21, 2010

public apologies

to friends who do not read this public space.

:: the acquaintance who is getting married next month.
i am extremely sorry that in my congratulatory mail to you, i got the name of your fiancee incorrect. even more sorry that it happened to coincide with the name of your ex. i honestly did not know that you ever dated a girl named neha. i just got confused between your fiancee's name and the name of another friend's fiancee. i kinda forgot who weds whom. you know how i am, right? right?
i do wish you, and your wife, all the very best.

:: the friend who received an offline from me saying "i lauve you so much! MUAH!" that was genuinely NOT meant for you. i do NOT love/lauve/louve you. at all. and no, i wasn't drunk. you happen to be on my gtalk JUST above dewey... given that your names are a little bit identical. and i'm even more sorry that your wife snoops on you by checking your inbox and glanced upon it. i can speak to her and clarify things. though, as you rightly said - i may just cause more damage. sigh. just sorry, ok? peace!

:: the friend (?) on FB who put up a "happy fathers day, ABC. you're very loved. hope you like your gift!" (ABC being her husband's name)
i am sorry for presuming and congratulating you - on your wall - for having had a baby. in my defense, i did not know that i should wish my husband on father's day. i stupidly thought it was meant as a special day for all fathers only. i wonder why.

yes, i've had a very busy couple of days, as you can see. what have you guys been upto? offended anyone lately?


SEV said...


PURN!MA said...

heh heh heh! naah.. me is goodie goodie baby. doesn't offend ppl. :P

Trish said...

LOL!!LOL!! you crazy crazy girl!!
I am fine.:D

Roli Bhushan-Malhotra said...

R: haha! The unknown errors of our lives!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha. Raysh, you really are a handful. :)

Okay, maybe I wouldn't have been laughing if I was involved in any of the above. But still.

Only you can goof up and still write a contrite post about it. Love ya. :)


Prashanti :) said...

LOL !!!! Poor guys.. Are you still on their gtalk/facebook ???

DewdropDream said...


Frikkin hilarious!!!

The last one specially!!! WHAT person would wish their as yet non-parent spouse on father's day?!

And I'm still not don laughing at the middle bit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Suruchi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bitch, miss u soo much :-)!

Galadriel said...

Hah! You don't louwe me anymore ? :(

rayshma said...

G: sure i do! but i don't send you offlines, i mail you! MUAH!

suruchi: i miss you a lot too!!! all the more when i do these things. and no, i did not do it intentionally! :P

dewey: YOU, bitch, are responsible for this. but yeah, second one was the most hilarious. :D

prashanti: the second one, yes. he won't delete/block me. who would give his wife an explanation ;)
the last one, i deleted. too weird, even for me! if i don't get the official invite for the first... i'll presume i've been deleted! :D

alice: hahaha...! it was hilarious when i realized. the third, though, was totally NOT my fault! i'm just happy i didn't say "i was wondering why you've been looking bigger in your pics".

Roli: you bet! :)

trish: :D

purnima: all this is the result of me trying to be good only! :D

sev: okk. i actually thought that was G leaving me cryptic messages from ur id. but yes, good to see you here! :)

DewdropDream said...

Hello?! I should be kicking up a fuss about how you keep sending my messages kisi aur ke naam! Tumko entertainment milta uska koi value hi nahi hai! :D

rayshma said...

hahahaha! un becharon ki socho... ;)

Pavi!!!! said...

LOL!!!! This is hilarious! wot blunders I say!!

The last one tho isn’t a blunder. I mean seriously..who wishes their husbands a Happy Father’s Day?? Good u did that!

N pls not to mind my bitching..but really who talks to their spouses/bfs on social N/W sites man… I find it sooooooooooo annoying to see husbands n wives who live with each other on a day-to-day basis xchange “love u “ messages on orkut n fb! Why such a need to make it a public affair..i wonder!

rayshma said...

pavi: i am totally with you on this... so no, i do not mind the bitching!
i HATE the overt public display of affection. what is the need, i ask! tell him when he comes home. and WHY would you wish your husband on fathers day!? gah! idiots, i know! anyway, have deleted the woman from my list!

Amey said...

So you just blasted two guy's marriages in two days? Ouch. (on your side for Fathers' Day, though).

rayshma said...

amey: their marriages are safe. as yet, at least! :D
and i don't understand WHY their wives/fiancees check their mail anyway! hmph!

Pixie said...


the fiancee name confusing thingy - I've done that too!! Sigh!
And the last one - that one kinda wins! :P
Didnt know husbands need to get wished on Father's DAy irrespective of whether they are fathers or not!

rayshma said...

see? we're ignorant women who do not think that everything in the world is about our husbands! :P

Monsieur K said...

ROTFL :))))

Tigress said...

Omg Raysh you were on a roll with this eh hehehe..outright hilarious!! Poor guys...and also I don't get it why the wives/fiancée/gf's should check their mate's mails. And there's nothing wrong in what you assumed on the last one :D Its only common sense which clearly ain't v.common ! ;)

P said...

wow you are on some serious damaging mode I see :D
The last one is seriously ridiculous though...on ABC's wife part, you can't be blamed at all for that one.