Apr 30, 2010


post a wonderful week with a fantastic friend, the blog goes on a break. indefinite, as of now.
hopefully, i shall get back here next month. provided we have our internet connection fixed at the new place by then.
oh yeah, i haven't mentioned it, have i?
we're moving. again.
to a suburb of boston. mid-may. i may not get the time to do a farewell post & all, but i sure will miss this place. weather n all.

somehow, the urge to blog isn't the way it used to be. so maybe, i'll close shop here. or maybe i will be back next month. i don't know as of now.
all of you who have me on mail/FB, do keep in touch.

p.s.: amey, do follow up with dewey on Hema. she has the first part. and she will get the others too. :)


Pavi!!!! said...

:) good luck and have a blast the coming weeks. i know u have MUCH to look fwd to !

Galadriel said...

:) muah!!

Titaxy said...

Good luck with the move, rayshma. And welcome to MA :).

Best wishes, whatever you decide to do...I hope you decide to come back, but definitely wish you the best even otherwise. Take care!

Prashanti :) said...

:( :( :(

Neways, Have fun with the move and enjoy the new place.

Trishna said...

ohh ho..dont shut shop!Boston is very pretty in fall,i heard..:)
ohh if u do decide to move blogs,dont forget to tell me..will be in touch onFB/mail.

Prateek Sur said...

all the best for the new place..my luck ur wishes..dotry checking my blog as well..and try following it as i'm following u..my url:

Monsieur K said...

boston is a nice place.. and as s'one said earlier.. u'll simply love the fall colors.. enjoy ur stay there! :)

Tigress said...

Hey good luck with the new place :)

but please dont close shop :(

MJS said...

You may close shop here and open a new one, but you definitely cannot say goodbye to the blogger's world.
Cya soon!

Amey said...

Come back soon... Meanwhile, we will have "Hema", I guess :D

Preethi said...

Boston eh??? I will miss all the gorgeous pictures ;) Have a safe move and we will catch up when you are back online :)

rayshma said...

preethi: yeah! i miss the green too...

amey: i'm back before hema. what has this world come to!

MJ: arre i'm not closing shop. was a break. wasn't sure if and when i'd come back, though. :)

tigress: i owe a lot to this space... so don't think will be closing it in a hurry. :)

K: thanks! oh, the fall colors were gorgeous in the adirondacks. i'm just enjoying the civilization here. and of course, the food! :)

trish: yep, come over! :)

prashanti: thanks! :)

titaxy: u in MA too? thanks... all's good so far!

G: muah!

pavi: :D