Apr 8, 2010


oh yes, i've been tagged again.
the li'l insane, li'l nice celestialrays has tagged me.
and yes, this one took quite some thinking.

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen
this one's difficult. there isn't too much i would "hate" other than the recent yrf/dharma productions fare. lemme try.
i. srk acted, YRF or KJo flicks. exceptions being DDLJ, DTPH and KANK. yes, i liked kank. sue me. *this automatically cuts down almost my entire list.*
ii. dostana. blech.
iii. khushi. yeah, i know. i shouldn't have seen such movies, right? but well. this has the honor of being the only movie i've walked out of. before the interval, that too.
iv. marathi movies from the 90s. esp the so-called comedies. blech. of late, i think there have been some good releases here... not that i've seen all. but i try.
v. mango souffle. i really, really did not get this one. i saw it coz it had atul kulkarni.

5 accessories you can create out of food
just create, not wear, right?
i. finger ring. simple, right?
ii. handbag. cut a cantaloupe in half. clean it out. cut a curved strip of the chhilka *i have no patience to think of the english word for that!* and attach it to the semi-circle with push pins. decorate with oatmeal or cornflakes. there you go. designer handbag ready.
iii. earrings. take one cornflake. attach to push-pin. put pin in ear. repeat with other.
iv. belt. tie banana peels together. sexy yellow belt's ready. how many peels you need depends on your girth, entirely.
v. anklet. carrot peels. strung together. you could substitute cucumber peels for this as well. would match with the finger ring as well.

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

i. Holi celebrations where ppl are playing color. N.E.V.E.R.
ii. at a film shoot. ANY film shoot.
there's no other place that i would avoid with so much passion, actually. i'm okay with being anywhere. depends on my mood, though. and also, the company.

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere
i. those who discriminate. ANY kind of discrimination. race, caste, creed, sexuality... pls learn to live and let live.
ii. those who believe that a woman's "purpose" is to marry and reproduce. or those who believe that life is incomplete without marriage/children etc. you get the drift.
iii. those who think it's their duty to meddle in others' lives. and ask questions. MYOB.
iv. those who have the 'i'm-daft-come-hit-me' look on their faces. they're asking for it, actually.
v. i cannot name the 5th person. and i cannot typecast him/her or describe why i so badly want to hit him/her. sorry. there's only so much honesty this space can take.

5 things you’d do to scare anybody
i would be myself. no 5 things needed. i can be very scary if i wish to be.

there. i'm done. will do an update soon. lots happening at this end! :)


Galadriel said...

Hehehehe.. I know just the kind of person you're talking about - the i'm-daft-hit-me kind of people! Gosh I wish I could actually do it one day. :D

celestialrays said...

I am so with you on 'i'm-daft-come-hit-me' :D

Liked you handbag too!

LOL on a lil insane me :)

Anonymous said...

Hahah... that banana peel's so innovative!


Tigress said...

I liked KANK too :)

Interesting food accessories !!

Jaswandi said...

read ur blog after a long time..

sahich ahe :) !!