Apr 21, 2010


vin and i share differing tastes in ice cream flavors. i like only the dark choc types. and while he likes almost all ice creams, he's not so fond of the chocolate ones. *this, of course, doesn't mean he won't eat it.*
y'day post dinner, we were pigging out on a large tub of dark choc ice cream. one that he got ESP for me, apparently.

he was eating it with a rather morose expression on his face. which prompted me to ask "why so serious?"
vin: this is REALLY good, you know? i didn't know i liked it.
me: i know. mast hai na?! but what's with the sad face?
slight pause while he contemplated being honest with me.
vin: you had to 'tell' me i like it. i have no mind of my own!


Titaxy said...


Anonymous said...

tch tch tch... :D

happens, happens ;-)

I'll hold on my comment till I see a few more here... :P

Prashanti :) said...


Pavi!!!! said...

Hahaha! K..truly I feel sorry for the man! Bechara..what have u got him to blv ? ur such a bully ! :D

Tigress said...

heehee...:) cute...

Chatterbox said...

Too cute and super funny!!

DewdropDream said...

Nai nai, aisa kuch nai hai ... professor saab ke paas tem nahi hai in cheezon ke baare mein sochne ke liye ... which is why you get the task of deciphering his tastes occasionally :D

P.S: If this was I, I'd be celebrating if he did not like something I liked so much. More for me no that way? :D Yeah I am quite the billu with its duddu ka bowl sometimes. :P

rayshma said...

dewey: it's not that if he doesn't like something he won't eat it. he STILL steals from my plate... so differing tastes don't really help! :D

chatterbox, tigress, titaxy, prashanti: :D

pavi: you are MY friend! so HE cannot be bechara for you!!! all ur sympathy/empathy HAS to be reserved for me! :D

divvi: you may comment now... i'm doubting there'd be a lot more comments! :D
waise, you notice how pwetty ur award looks on my blog?! totally goes with the template! :D