Dec 31, 2008

who i am is who i wanna be...

the year's seen me do some very uncharacteristic things. 
- it's made me live up to my responsibilities. in ways i'd wished i never had to. 
- it's helped me find a friend in someone i'd known for a long time... but never really known. and i'm glad for cliches like "it's never too late". 
- i've made some good friends online. u know who you are - all of u... and i sure will catch y'all online soon! :) 
- two of my now-closest pals have graduated from being blog-pals in this very year. 
galadriel: i know how difficult it is to listen to me crib, whine, rave, rant and still be there for me! :D thanks, babes! MUAH! 
dewdrop: u made london feel like home. fly down SOON! keep meowing! and heyy... get rid of the ramu kaka merchandise ;) 
- i ran off to london. despite having said "never again" last year. fortunately, this time was a lot better! 
- i questioned my own decisions. usually, the doubts are before the decisions are arrived at. not after i've decided and gone ahead. but well, there's always a first time! 
- vin and i have managed to live through a lot of uncertainties. but i'm not sure the worst is past us. but i do know that it doesn't matter. that if we could tide over these two years... we should be able to tide over the next as well. 
- i went ahead and got a tattoo. something i'd been too chicken to do since i was 20. and guess what - it doesn't really hurt!! 
- i've realized who my friends are. and people who have their own motives behind being friends with me. 
- i've begun appreciating my girl friends THAT much more. 
vibs: someday, i'm gonna blog those mails we'd exchanged all those years back. makes me feel real sane today! :D 
suruchi: u're probably THE person i'd turn to if i ever need to talk about anything. miss ya tonnes. and i wish i could come down to bbay. and oh, btw... vin now thinks u're on his side. but he's still scared of u! :D 
- i'm looking forward to the changes anticipated next year. 

on the whole, the year's been an absolute mixed bag. it went from not-so-good to uh-oh to horrible to okay to good to great... all within 12 months! they say all's well that ends well. and we're still here.. living and blogging. and the hope still survives - for a better 2009. and i'm happy with who i am... and the fact that i'm still open to change.. with myself and my life. i love the fact that i've managed to sustain the positivity despite everything that's happened. i am happy and content with the way life is shaping up. and with myself. so i guess it can't be all that bad. 

here's wishing all of u have a better 2009! :)


Galadriel said...

bwahahahaha. my gift my gift.

happy new year babes, muah!!!

La vida Loca said...

happy 2009 to u gurl :)

K3 said...

Happy 09!!! Hope 09 brings back more of the good and less of the bad.

BTW glad to have you back safe and sound in US of A.

Pavi!!!! said...

U got a tatoo???n never told us???Where?wat? if its feasible id like to see a pic..plzzzzzzz!

n Its NEVER that it? :)

Wish u and ur loved one(s) a Very Bright n successful 2009 gurl...just continue to be the way u are :)

Prashanti :) said...

hey rayshma..
happy new year to you !!!!

btw wht tattoo did you get ????


PURN!MA said...

:) :) Happy New Year again!! waiting for ur blogs as ever!

mimi said...

awww this post is soo you,Raysh!!Keep Smiling and may the new year bring u lots of happiness!

Anonymous said...

tattoo? when? what is it? u never blogged about it ?

Suruchi said...

Thanks Babes! Wish u and vin a loads of happiness always!!

Pinku said...


Happy New Year sweety to both of you.

Am sure this year will also be a mixed bag (arent they all) I am just asking God to give you the bag that has more sweet ones than sour ones. :)

Pixie said...

happy new year babe! :)
where and what tattoo?!!

Hope the New year fulfills your dreams, keeps you and your family happy and safe.

Noodlehead said...

happy new year!! tattoo, huh? i've been wanting one for a while to obut am too chicken....u sure it doesn't hurt? btw, is it ok to ask where u got the tatoo :D

DewdropDream said...

So I count among your loved ones now? :D Happy New Year dearie... loved having you here, london just won't be the same without you. Must get back to blogging soon... watch the space.

Lena said...

you got a tattoo? wow.. honestly now when i think about it i realize i dont have even one friend with a tattoo :P

Happy new year to you :)
may it be still better than 2008 :)

Keshi said...

I so wanna see that tat :)



Preethi said...

Something for you at my blog

Pixie said...

please pick up another award (maybe you have got it already?) from my space :)

DotThoughts said...

happy new year, girl! wanna see the tattoo pic.

Suma said...

i'm STILLLL waiting for that tattoo pic...

happy new year...hope it was cozy...:)

La Vida Loca said...

helloooo where r u?

DewdropDream said...

Come back and POST. Leaving us hanging for days is not done at all. At least say hello :(

alice-in-wonder said...

someone's MIA....kahan ho bhai?? New year mein blogging se duur rehne ka resolution to nahi le liya!

rayshma said...

ess ess... am alive! will be back soon. i promise!
happy new year to all of u!!
miss y'all!
will post tattoo pic soon.
galadriel: u get ur gift when u meet me. or when u invite me over! :P
DDD - i lauve u no?