Dec 16, 2008

flying update

yes, i know this space has been neglected. not ony did i miss it myself.. i also got ur mesgs/mails to the effect. and yeah, sorry that u couldn't comment - i couldn't either!
on one hand, i'm really glad u guys miss me... on the other, i WISH i could blog right now. i have posts in my head... but when there's so much going on... all i can hear is white noise! BUT... here's a quick update on things:

first things first - yes, this space has another look. and this one's gonna stay a while. coz i quite love it. and of course, it has been blessed by "the bhai"
thanks lavs! really appreciate the help.
and i hope YOU who read from ur blackberry and other fancy gadgets can read this fine now. gosh! the trouble i go through for u guys...! and no appreciation i hear! hmph!

dewdrop's left. and i'm missing her terribly. but the child's having fun at home. and has assured me she shall try and visit me next year.

i leave in four more days. yes. sunday night i shall step into what i've called home-turf for the past coupla years. thanks to office, i have a lovely half-way across america flight... and given my trysts with folks at airports... i shall keep you updated with airport stories, as always.

highlights of the week:
overheard in a tube - a firang asking an indian "how IS it that all of you know computers? is it like a religion, there?"

the boss called up Vin.
Vin's message to me : "the boss had called. i thought he had a job for ME. :("

a firang client calls and says "kya tum mujhey weekly top 10 send again please?"

okay... that's all.. and since i leave sunday... this also means that i will return the laptop saturday. and will be offline at least till monday.
given these are my last few days... i am kinda drowning in stuff to do before i leave... so will catch up on ur blogs & reply to comments soon as i can!

y'all be good...and in case i don't see you till then... happy holidays!

edited to add: you CAN leave comments now. thanks, lena... really! :)


Lena said...

no thanks :)
And i love the template!! :)

and me looking forward to your new posts which i am always late for :D

P said...

cool template!
Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

this i really really like!!! just curious, whats your job profile?

Prashanti :) said...

love the template :)


TheKing said...

Thats a classy look, I like it. And before I could look at the problem, the problem is solved. That tells me more about getting life apart from work :-)

plush said...

:)...nice! yep...have a safe trip back home!

Meghna said...

Nice template. "IS it a relegion out there" hehe amazing!! Really proud of the majority-young-crowd of my country. and the older ones are catching up on the tech world as well!

Pixie said...

Lovely template! :)
I'm really gonna change mine too now! ;)
you were the inspiration for the first change as well!!!

Hope you have a great trip.
Happy holidays as well! :)