Dec 24, 2008

happy holidays!

ok. i'm home!
so are my bags. finally.

for the record, here's what happened:

flight landed late at boston. bad weather being the reason. at boston airport, i am told that i'd miss my flight if i don't "run across to the other terminal" REALLY?? run across?? in SNOW????

but well.. I had to get home, so i figure that's my problem. so i actually scampered across two terminals. completely failing to notice how pretty everything around was.
THEN, i'm told the flight has been delayed. not by 15 - 20 mins. by TWO hours!!!!

and while looking out at the snowed-in planes, i realize with a sinking feeling. "i'm gonna miss my connecting to houston!" i chk with the airline ppl if i can get on a later flight. wishing my bro would actually fly international routes so i can make the plane wait for me! i am told there's no later flight.

faced with the option of being stuck at dallas, i frantically call vin.
me: where are you??
vin: home. where are YOU?
me: can u come to dallas to pick me up???
vin: hehe. where are you right now?
me: i'm at boston airport. flight's delayed by over 2 hours. and i miss my connecting to houston. can u get to dallas by 8.30??
vin: yeah. of course. i can't dare leave you at dallas, can i? hehee.
me: ok. come on time. LEAVE now!

at dallas. i wait for my bags. no bags. so i run around the airport trying to locate a rep who can tell me where my bags are. *it's late. and it's the holiday season. so few reps at that hour*
at the counter:
me: *explained HOW i'd got there, gave them reqd info etc* could you tell me where my bags are?
her: *grinning at me like a cheshire cat. despite seeing that i wasn't in the mood to comprehend humour!* you'll have to call this number and press 7. they would be able to tell you.
me: you don't think YOU should call them? YOU lost my bags. i'm stranded here coz YOUR flights got delayed. and now you want me to call numbers and HOLD??
her: um.. ma'am, i would have. but it's a "customer" service number. they wouldn't speak to me.

i realized, she was serious about it. she looked a little warily at me, actually. too dumbfounded by her blondness... i DO call the number. the man there thought i'd like to chat. and asked me random details about my flights and my bags. finally, he gives me a "locator number" which i'm supposed to map online. except, they don't update their site.

a day and a half later, no bags.
i call the number again.
i explain what has happened and give her the locator.. so she can check.
she: you came from london?!
me: yes?
she: and you missed your flight from dallas?
me: YES? *this is info i have JUST given her*
she: OMG!!! how did you get home from dallas at that hour???
me: huh? i asked to be picked up.
she: oh. then why did you not pick up your bags at dallas?

stunned silence.
she thinks i abandoned my precious bags at that airport????? do people DO that??? just like that? for FUN???

me: i WOULD have, if i COULD have. but thanks to your amazing service, my bags did NOT reach dallas. neither have they reached houston. YOU. need. to tell me. WHERE. they are! and, NOW.
she: yes ma'am. i'll just check.


finally, 4 hours later that day, my bags got home. after of course, i was made to give super-fab directions of how they could reach my house. yeah, i live here. but i can't give directions. i admit giving directions included resorting to the power of the internet! :D

and just for kicks, i checked their site, later in the evng. to realize that it still said : bags not located.

i've received the bags, but the site says they haven't found them. imagine the trauma this conflicting info would have had on me if i were as bright as their customer service rep(s). vin says i should sue them. for emotional distress.

but i'm just gonna say "happy holidays! feels good to be home. with my luggage!"


Galadriel said...

welcome home!! i'm so glad the bags got here.. i need my gift now!

Pixie said...

Happy Holidays babe! :)
Good to know your bags reached too!

Prashanti :) said...

Welcome to the US :P
glad that you reached safely and your bags did finally too...Cant imagine all that shopping being stuck up somewhere in those airports :)

Happy Hols !!!!!


PURN!MA said...

Finally can comment here!! Happy Holidays!! Merry Chirstmas and New Year!!! :) and ya Welcome home :D

~nm said...

This was hilarious...although am sure not for you :D

Hope you have found your luggage. And did they compensate to you for it?

Prats said...

You never fail to have an exciting journey you???
Happy Holidays and MERRY CHRISTMAS....enjoy yourself..its the time of giving after all...

Pinku said...

Welcome welcome!!!!

Hope you have lovely cozy holidays...and whats travel without a lil forget the distress of the bags and enjoy.

btw this entire episode seemed so Indian was amazed that those in the US can do it as good as us ;)

Pavi!!!! said...

Welcome Back! M sure ur having some Romantic times :)n a very Merry Christmas!

Jet lagged as yet???

n hey i like this template..its so YOU!

PURN!MA said...

tagged you!

Amey said...

Hehe... I have a contract with airline companies that the first time I go to a new country, they keep one of my checked-ins back for a day or two.

I think you can buy upto some $100 something of "essentials" till you get your bags and get that money back with receipts. Haven't done it yet :(

Noodlehead said...

ooohh, welcome back! beenboring without ya :) happy hols and sorry u had to go thro all that luggage trauma....shudder. Happy hols, hon!

Monsieur K said...

had chked in a few days ago.. and the look was completely different.. and u have changed it again :D
flight delays, lost/delayed luggage.. i can imagine ur plight.. full chid-chid hotey!

nevertheless, wish u and vin Happy Hols! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Howdy RayRay! Looks like ur tooooo busy having fun!

Now come back n write a post!!!!