Oct 20, 2006

to hell with shopping!

i love to believe i'm incredibly efficient. in everything i do. so, recently when i decided to go shopping, i went online, wrote down all the numbers of the dresses in which i was interested, and was ready *mentally, as well* to get them on and off to make the evening brief. *believe it or not. i'm one woman who doesn't take infinite pleasure in loooong shopping trips!*

this is why i decided i'd rather shop in b'bay!

first, the woman at the store seemed confused by the numbers. *i do NOT wish to comment on intellectual innocence in this developed country!*
me: i thought this would help you locate the dresses faster
she stared at me without ANY expression. but i never give up, do i?
me: do these numbers not help you find the dresses?
she : uh, no. cause, like, i'll have to go online & look up the dresses for you.
me: but that's exactly what I did for YOU. to save both of us time.
i give her a wide smile!
she: umm... see, i don't know about the numbers. i have to know what the dresses look like & then look them up in the racks. can you just look through this booklet and find which ones those numbers go to?
me: umm... are u telling me that u arrange the dresses NOT by the numbers allocated to them, but by HOW they look?

i guess that sentence was too long, too confusing or had too many BIG english words in it. all i got was a blank stare in return. no dress. no help.

there were TWO dresses shortlisted.
she: do u, like, want to buy them, like, now?
huh? uh, well, NO! i enjoy ascertaining the levels of daftness in developed countries! *of course, i didn't say that!!*
me: if u find them and they look good on me, i might.
she: like, uh, i'll have to find them

well THIS is a shop. YOU get commission on sales, don't ya? you have to find the dresses and let people try them on. THAT is what results in a sale. or does it work some other way 'round here?? now, i'm confused!
after sighing, shrugging, looking lost, making puppy faces - ALL of which i ignored...
she: ok. i'll do it. it is just, like, going to take awhile. but you can, like, go look at shoes or something?

WHAT? YOU are going to take more of MY time? so that YOU earn a hefty commission? WOW! i wish i had the intellectual innocence to pull that off!

needless to say, i walked out. no dress. no cure for depression.

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