Oct 19, 2006

DO something!

picture this: it's tuesday, max wednesday. u're working. your friend calls. very excited about something. the question of the hour: "what's the plan for the weekend?"
picture this II: u walk into office on monday morning & ur team members *or others at "work"* ask "so, how was ur weekend. what did u do?"
picture this III: u're unemployed. a happy housewife *if there's anything like that. otherwise, i win the 'pioneer-of-the-term' medal* friends, family, well-wishers; all of them ask u every time you chat: "what did u do? how was the weekend?"

umm... well... i do nothing. and it is the most awesome experience! to me, at least!

why's it perceived to be so important to be doing something. all the time. i mean, how often have u got back from a lazy, idle weekend *a really peaceful one, at that too* and been interrogated by well meaning peers/friends/colleagues...

i used to dread the question "how was ur weekend?" because mine was always AWESOME if i did nothing. i mean, heyy! i LOVE doing nothing! does that make me a lesser mortal? well, if it does, so be it!

my idea of a purrfect weekend is to stay at home, eat good food *pref cooked by sum1 else*, go for a drive or a walk, read a good book with some hot chocolate/coffee and sleep early after having woken up late! hmm... wow! but i'm digressing.

y is it that people think u've had a good weekend, only if u say something like "yeah, kewl. went snorkelling/rafting/camping." or "great. partied till i crashed" or "fun. watched back2back movies, partied, went snorkelling & crashed out"
well, if i had a weekend like that, i'd be SO dead on monday, i'd probably need the week off to recuperate! besides, i wonder, why do people have so many expectations froma weekend?

must be tuff. living upto expectations. eh? i wouldn't know. haven't tried it. but i know one thing. when the grass on the other side doesn't look green, well, THAT is when u shud know NEVER to cross-over!

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