Jul 2, 2010


while i'm on a tag-stealing spree... i stole this tag off pixie's...

it's been doing the rounds... and it requires you to list traits of yours that don't fit your gender stereotype.

so, here's my list of sins.
- i don't do fancy romantic dinners very well. i prefer the bar, diner environment more. i love chilling over a beer. and i think diner breakfasts are the best.
- i do not like mush. i hate roses. i hate red heart-shaped merchandise even more. the concept of fancy romantic proposals make me go blech. i do not get "hints". neither do i give them. if i want to say something, i will. and 'nothing' actually means nothing.
- i'm very comfortable in jeans/trousers. i never wore skirt-suits to work. it was always trousers.
- i am quite fond of remote controlled toy cars. and planes. in fact, i love them. i vehemently dislike dolls. barbies included.
- i love telecom. i do understand the technology. what i don't know, i learn it quick. i found it fascinating to decipher how to determine which server had better specifications. or the apps that would work best with droid.
- i was good at programming before i quit it.
- i wouldn't mind spending a day (or more) at home playing video games.
- i don't know how to be 'coy' or ladylike. if i find something funny, i laugh out loud. quite loud.
- i do not get manicures/pedicures, facials or body massages. i don't like them. in fact, i detest salons and go ONLY for the most basic things.
- i do not spend hours getting dressed. it takes me 15 mins to be completely dressed. i also shop real quick.
- i am not weight conscious. i have never dieted in my life. and would rather die than diet. i love eating.


Prashanti :) said...

Arre !! I got tagged and I was going to tag you .... Leme go read the post now :)

Titaxy said...

I can relate to you on so many levels :) I don't like dressing up, takes me minutes to get ready. I don't do facials, manicures or anything else.

Tigress said...

I'll pick up this tag next...I had seen at pixie's and almost picked it up but no time...:(

Roli Bhushan-Malhotra said...

Nice...I agree with most too.. I love technology and phones and getting dressed quick and hate massages & salons (tiny voice:I do LOVE dolls though)

Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa whoa!! Someone's quite the tomboy :)


La vida loca said...

Niicee! Hmm I fit a lot into the stereotype! and why doesnt that worry me?

Pixie said...

Nice list Ray! :D

Anonymous said...

you dont like mush? didn't all those Hindi movies have any effect on you girl? :D

rayshma said...

divvi: i think it's those movies that had this effect! :D

pix: thanks gurl! :)

alice: tomboy? me? naah! i'm just low maintenance! ;)

rolls: it's okay to love dolls... i just never got the point of them, though... :)

tigress: look fwd to reading urs! :)

titaxy: oh wow! someone else who doesn't! i thought i was the only one, actually! :D

prashanti: hahaha... did you do this? i need to get back to reading blogs... this week, pucca! :)

rayshma said...

loca: no reason to be worried if you fit any stereotype. as long as you're happy & comfortable being you... which, i think you are... you have no reason to worry :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Oh! This must make thy spouse very happy ! xcept for the fact that u love the playstation as much as him. too much of competition at home.

I too dislike too much mush…n red roses! But manicures n pedicures…me louvvvvvvvvves!

PURN!MA said...

hw come I haven't commented here? :) I cannot diet either. 1. I love eating. 2. I tahnkfully don't need to. 3. The closest I have come to dieting is by making an announcement that "my diet commences hence".. only to be broken with the next heavy meal. :D

Tigress said...

done :)

Beyond Indigo said...

I love you for what you are:)