Jul 6, 2010

how typical!

having done the anti-stereotype tag... i think i needed to list ways in which i do fit the stereotype.

so here goes:

:: i totally suck at math. yes, i have got better with time, but it's something that takes a lot of effort from me.
:: i LOVE my heels. there's no low-day that a good pair of heels can't fix.
:: i am not ambitious. i don't care if i'm doing a job or earning as much/more than my partner. as long as i'm happy, i don't give a damn.
:: i don't drive. when i did, i could totally understand why men say women make bad drivers. i was the kind that would be proof towards that crap.
:: i love good gossip. i don't spread it around, but i love to be clued-in.
:: i totally love chocolates. dark, but chocolate.
:: i'm an efficient cook. that means, that i can manage to cook a meal that's a little more than edible in less than an hour. that includes clean-up time.
:: i believe that a woman can never have enough of handbags, footwear or jewelry.
:: i do notice shades of colors that men wouldn't be able to name.
:: i prefer a good book to the television. even if the book is chick-lit. in fact, i love chick-lit.
:: i used to follow SATC. i did like it.


Pavi!!!! said...

Not to turn the fun post into a serious one..but I cldn’t help shake my head in disapproval abt the 3rd point. Personally I feel being ambitious or not..has nothing to do with a specific gender. Its do to with personality types. In fact aaj kal girls are becoming more ambitious than men..so….

Heels! I care too much for comfort…I just can’t carry them off…those heels! N I alwez look at girls who are comfy in heels in shock.

rayshma said...

pavi: you know, i think most of the stereotypes aren't specific to gender (other than the handbag/jewelry hoarding!). they're individual traits.
and yes, these days, women are a lot more ambitious than the guys. nothing wrong or right with it. it's rather subjective. and i guess indicative of the times as well.
heels - it's a matter of habit, i think.

Roli Bhushan-Malhotra said...

R: at the cost of sounding typical: Yes, yes, oh YES! to all your points. I agree with all 100%- what does that makes us, I wonder? Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Woman... i ditto you on every single point. except the efficient cook part.. but still :P :D


Anonymous said...

what a relief to know somebody does share my love for accessories, every tag I read had a no make-up, no-jewellery policy and I started getting worried :D

I feel like I can make anything happen when I wear heels :D
but I don't wear them everyday, running behind buses and trains becomes difficult!

and thank goodness for liking chick-lit and not being ashamed to say it out aloud! I like most of them too :-)

Anonymous said...

aaah, just now my tubelight worked and I figured out what SATC is, I liked SATC too :)

Titaxy said...

what is SATC? :(

Anonymous said...

@T - Sex and the City

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Good to know u more...On this day, 9 th July,my wishes !!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! have a fun filled year :))

rayshma said...

divvi: thanks gurl! :)
yes, i love chick-lit! when the day is too stressful, that is all i need! and heels... oh, i SO get you on that! :D
i love jewelry.. don't always wear it, but i love it!

CU: I hope you had a lovely day, as well :) Best wishes.

titaxy: yeah, sex and the city! :D

alice: the efficient cook happened recently! ;)

roli: we're just a breed apart, i guess ;)

BlueMist said...

With you on Chic-lit part. and not ashamed at all to admit it :)