Aug 18, 2009

moving on.

there comes a time in every girl's life when she has to learn the value of holding on and the value of letting go.
the letting go part is really really difficult. but i'm at it.

programming has been irregular of late coz i've been busy. packing, sorting... vacationing! :D
we finally shift on sunday. and i will be internet-less till further notice.

so this here, is kinda sorta an announcement that this space is taking a break. more by default than by choice.

i shall see y'all soon. from a pretty little hamlet - far far away - which shall be known as "home" for future references here.

miss me. coz i'm gonna miss you too.


SEV said...

Aw dam. Just as I started following you.

rayshma said...

aww... don't u worry... i'll be back before anybody notices me gone! :D
besides... will be REALLY nice if you follow me to the hamlet far far away... :)

Keshi said...

All the best with the move Raysh!

And ty so much for ur kind, caring and encouraging comment in my blog. That means alot to me.

I hope some day, we'll hv fun here together again. But for now, Im off blogs too. ty for all the love all these days! *HUGZ*

TC all the best and God bless!

Preethi said...

good luck with the move girl... keep me posted!!

Titaxy said...

well well...have fun and come back soooooooon :-)

Pixie said...

oh... come back soon ok?
will miss you. :)

Suma said...

the hamlet sounds very ..umm...romantic :)

come back shipment arrives ned of the month, then we shift into teh house nad then i'm going to be come back soon :D

and happy settling down...don't scare your good :)

Galadriel said...

sev - you better show up there.
catty - wheeee.. you know what moving means!!!!!

PURN!MA said...

I shall misses yous toos. bheri bheri much. :PP Hope everything goes smoothly with u...packing shifting, moving in etc.

*office madhun commenting- hell bent on flouting rules- muhahhahahahahha!

Anonymous said...

Awww nooo.. I am already missing you, if you can imagine that!
Pliss to schedule regular mails to me for while you are internet-less.

And yeah, happy moving. Give a farewell party to all your pet roaches. :P

Pavi!!!! said... how did u end up making everyone so senti over THIS post !
No internet?tch tch!not acceptable..i will miss u on blog..n more on emails! So get internet conn soon n start WRITING!

N oh yea.. do have a SAFE n EASY move! Look fwd to having u on the same coast! :)

DotThoughts said...

To new beginnings!

Anonymous said...

So now you reply to my comments on your blog; on my blog! How crazy is that? :D

Arre kitchen ke peeche padi hoon coz you said that's the only room left! Woh bhi nahi karu to bolte ho nag nahi karti.

Are you forgetting the roaches m'dear? Or are you taking them along with you to your new apt? :P


rayshma said...

alice: arre you said on your blog also.. to pack the kitchen! :D
those roaches!! i'm telling you - i've begun to believe vin's alien theory on them!!
you really think i'm tech savvy enough to schedule mails n all?! :D

dottie: to new beginnings! :)

pavi: i'm gonna be less than 2 hours away... will figure the internet soon... don't worry! :)

purnima: attagirl!! thanks re! i'm almost done with the packing... :)

G: YAYYY!!!!
and will you stop nagging that poor man here also!? address diya usko? ki main mail karu?

suma: arre... so i'll get internet and you'll get off it! koi swap hai kya?! :(
i'm always good to neighbours. unless they annoy me. :D
and yep.. the hamlet is allegedly very romantic and beautiful.. come over sometime! :)

pix: thx, gurl! will try and be back asap.

titaxy: yep... will return soon! :)

preethi: will do ma'am! you're an example of moving house time n again! :)

keshi: take care. hope you find what makes you happy... :)
and definitely hope to see you around someday.

La vida Loca said...

good luck! Come baack soon

plush said...

hey raysh...get back to the blog soon...have fun packing and unpacking!

MJS said...

abe kidhar gayi tu? where have u shifted???