Aug 10, 2009

biker chic

on the way back home from a lovely weekend at the beach, a group of bikers pass us... conversation, automatically, veers to bikers. and my fascination for the breed.

me: would be SO kewl if you had one of those bikes, no?
vin: for you, you mean?
me: of course! i already have a tattoo, leather boots, jacket and an 'i-give-a-fuck' attitude. i almost qualify for being one of them!
vin: hmm... the pillion seat is called a bitch seat.
you TOTALLY qualify for that!


Galadriel said...

HAHAHAHA - And when Vin gets one of 'em bikes you WILL be his bitch! :D

Amey said...

We will all miss Vin. From what I hear, he was a nice, (and apart from that comment) intelligent man.

The two minute silence period starts now. Beware the giggle loop.

rayshma said...

amey: to know the giggle loop is to be part of the giggle loop! ;)

G: you could gift him one... for his graduation! :D :D :D

Prashanti :) said...

The guy's sense of humour is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Titaxy said...


La vida Loca said...

Right there w/ you...without the tatoo though!

Prats said...

It is actually fun having one...go ahead and do get it...and pose on the BITCH seat for

Pixie said...


So, is Vin getting one of them bikes?!

Miss M said...


Man! Until now, I thought you were the only entertaining one in the marriage; entertaining the husband day and night!

Seems like the husband is EQUALLY entertaining!


Preethi said...

hahaha.. you lost that one.. fair and square!!

PURN!MA said...

I agree with Prashanti! Vin Rocks!

Pavi!!!! said...

I dig bikes too.. Think they are super hot!

Haha.. Vin is learning to respond to u :D

N I miss the orange in the old template:(

which beach u went off to girl?

DewdropDream said...

:@ Amey: You underestimate that man grossly. Allow me to quote Catty and I, discussing someone else "He's mad enough to be a woman". :D

Catty: Allow me to tell you why I picked his side - the man pulls your leg like none other :D

Trish said...

Hahahaha Priceless!

Amey said...

@Rayshma: I think we can handle the giggle loop :D

@DDD: Well, from what I hear, you have to be mad to call your sign. ot. that and still live. Or you have to be extremely aware of environment, like recently concluded beach trip, or shopping spree.

Anonymous said...

You are such a cool rocking girl...but Vin is more rocking.....

Aryan's mom

Suma said...


so when you shifting, gal?

plush said...

haha...dr sure his funny bone alright..
n someday i too will own an avenger..thanx raysh...

celestialrays said...

good one :)

Anonymous said...

Pack woman pack!

P.S. Totally unrelated, I know. But you wanted me to nag you. :P


rayshma said...

alice: hehee... no packing today. now, weekend par! :D

celestialrays: welcome here! :)

plush: sure you will! HUGS, gurl!

suma: next sunday. :D

aryan's mom: thanks! i believe i'm smart coz i married him! ;)

amey: you forgot... OR ensuring that a couple beers have been downed! ;)

trish: :D

dewey: stop making excuses. you picked his side because you two are related. hmph.

pavi: aww... there'll be orange all around very soon from what i hear! :D

purnima: sure! :D

preethi: but that was a compliment, no?! :D

M: we take turns in entertaining each other! :D

pix: we can't afford no bikes! and we're moving OUT of cowboy land!

prats: yeah yeah! u think i won't pose!? :D

loca: tattoos are optional, i guess! how's u been, gurl?

titaxy: :D

prashanti: he has a muse that heightens it! ;)

DewdropDream said...

Hee hee... I keep trying to divert your attention from that fact, wish I'd succeed, dammit :D I LAUVE YOU

DotThoughts said...

oooh you are evil :)

Anonymous said...

thats very thoughtful of vin!he is matching ur skills babes n he has cme a long way :D! ↲

Kippie® said...

priceless indeed! hahahhaha :)

Mahogany said...

Is that REALLY what that seat is called?
And did he REALLY have the cojones to say that??

rayshma said...

mahog: yep.. it is called a bitch seat... and i was more amused at his cheek than offended... so he's safe. for now. :D

kippie: :D

suruchi: if i'd taken ur consent before marrying him, i could have blamed it all on you. DAMN! ;)

dottie: i'm the innocent victim here... ;)

dewey: MUAH!