Mar 18, 2009

remember the time...?

sometimes, i think a bad memory is a wonderful thing to have. when u can't rber where u were ten/fifteen years ago... with whom or what you were doing/saying... i think it would be wonderful to be like that.
me? i vividly r'ber every random detail of my life. i have to think, of course... and it sometimes just comes to me.. without a reason.
for instance:
i r'ber the license plate of the fiat we had when i was 5.

i r'ber the license plate of the school bus which i used to take to school. and the driver's name.

i r'ber getting home my first kitten... i must have been around 5 or 6... we got her from one of dad's friend... i r'ber their house in detail though i've never been there again.

i r'ber that a friend of mine from school borrowed this really cute skirt i had - and she didn't return it. the wierd thing is, i didn't r'ber this back then... when i should have asked her. i r'bered it this morning... while making bfast. and i rummaged through my belongings to see if i still had it. then i called mom and asked her if it was home. she didn't r'ber what i was talking abt.. so i had to explain, in detail! *yeah, i'm quite irritating that way when i want something!*
and now that it's not there.. i rber that she'd borrowed it... and that was the last i've seen of it. sigh.

i r'ber what i wore on my bday when i was 8.

i r'ber refusing to eat rice with my hands when i was 9... we'd gone to a rel's place and they hadn't given me a spoon or a fork.. and i asked them for one. i was told "rice should be eaten with your fingers only" and i said "i don't think i want to eat rice then".

i r'ber names of girls from school... some of whom i've never spoken to.

i r'ber this guy i knew - via some friends - going through a really bad time after his girlfriend dumped him. and i don't think i've ever spoken to him.

i r'ber C teaching me how to apply eye-liner when we were back-stage at a college do. actually, i owe all my make-up tips to her. and to think we went to the same school and hardly spoke to each other there!

i r'ber bdays of ppl i have hardly known. really. i still r'ber one of my friends ex-boyfriends bdate. i'm sure even she must have forgotten it by now!

i r'ber the number of the first credit card i had. this was abt 8 years ago... and i have no reason to r'ber it. funnily, i don't rber vin's CC number!

i r'ber when vibha and i were first introduced, after my interview at c2w - she was planning the office party, and i was the new recruit - her first line to me was "hi!!! so, what do u drink? beer, vodka, whiskey?" while i stared at her and contemplated my decision. from then, to now... i've sure come a long way!

i r'ber losing my wallet and having to take the auto to a friend's place so he could pay it off. then i borrowed money from him till i could get my new debit card! it took 2 weeks, for them, to give it to me. and yes, i paid him back.

i r'ber suruchi saying to me - after a couple days of us having been introduced - "thank god u're normal!"

i r'ber the first time vin and i mailed each other. i don't rber any of the mails after that.

obviously, memory retention doesn't seem to be selective here. so i r'ber all the good, not-so-good and the bad things. about random things and ppl who hardly affected my life even then. and i can't help but think that i'm forgetting some important things. important to me, maybe. bcoz there can be only limited space, right? only so many sections for memories? and mine are crammed with irrelevant details. no wonder i forget SO much that i should remember! it's not coz i'm getting older. it's coz i'm out of space!


La vida Loca said...

Mee too. I r'ber a lot of inane deets...wish it worked for school related stuff.

DewdropDream said...

Yeah. You can't remember your own blog url. OR mine. OR G's. Fat lot of good your memory is :P

I remember your cell number from London btw... what use is that? And I forget my keys.

We're peas of a pod :D

Preethi said...

I remember lots of inane stuff too :)

roop said...


remember not eating rice without spoon too!! :)))

u remember license plate of fiat?

darn lady.

Mystic Margarita said...

I remember odd things from way back when I was a child, too. It's strang how the brain retains certain memories!

Suma said...

haha...i like the last two lines...

u remembering the license plates and the credit card no? awesome!!!

come to think of it, i too r'ber random stuff :)

PURN!MA said...

I r'ber birthdays that I shudn't be r'bering. I r'ber my gtalk chats with friends. i r'ber things when I set reminders on my phone. Basically, I'll r'ber everything thats unimportant and forget the ones which are on priority basis.

~nm said...

I'm fine with all the memories but a credit card number??? wow!

I even remember till date when I was less than 3 yrs and sitting on the kitchen slab looking at the sun going down and I said "wow" and everyone went gaga over me that I had said "wow" :D

Pinku said...

u have the perfect remedy...put everything on the blog...and then your mind will not need to hang on to irrelevant information....

Suruchi said...

i can never forget that u forgot my b'day BITCH!!!

rayshma said...

suruchi: HAHAHA... i didn't FORGET, okay? i just forgot that it was the 3rd THAT day! and heyy...
a. 'twas morng...! :D
b. i DO r'ber the whole episode..! :D

pinku: i think u all will stop reading if i keep posting all the inane things here! :D but i do love the idea! :D

~nm: wow! :D and yeah, what use is that number i wonder.. but for the life of me, can't get it out of my head!

purnima: u may join the club. useless ur memory is.. like mine!

suma: yeah.. i rber RANDOM ppls car numbers also!!! and phone numbers.. of ppl from college. grr..!

rita: i KNOW! why can't it retain what is important, instead! :D

roop: hahaha.. yeah, i was instantly termed as "spoiled bcoz she goes to a convent school" by relatives! :D not that it was anything to do with my school! random ppl!

preethi: i'm warning u.. there's only limited space! :D

a. is it okay i call u dewey here?
b. in my defense, u gurls have complicated URLs! i r'ber mario's flat number! HAHAHAHA... and the bus numbers to E&C...! useless we are!

loca: exactly! it never works where u want it to!

Pavi!!!! said...

Have the memory problem too!

my brains remembers certain things as if it were in front of me at this very moment!!! silly thing!!

DewdropDream said...

Yeah of course! :D But add 'child' to that every now and then :D And dude! You may forget our urls... how can you not know your own???!!! Mario's flat number is a useful thing to remember actually... there is much that we need him to do for us no? :D Muah!

rayshma said...

dewey: sure, child! :)
why should i r'ber MY blog's URL? i don't need to type it anywhere!
mujhe mario se koi kaam nahi hai. i have my personal hamaal... tho he's not around much these days! :D

pavi: :D i know how that feels!

Pixie said...

yea.. I can remember a lot of stuff and some, which are important - I forget! :P