Mar 17, 2009

back 2 blog

what have i done taking this wonderful, supposed-to-be-long-but-short sabbatical?!
if you think i tried to find answers to existential questions... or planned out my life for the next 5 years... read a lot... traveled... then all i have to say is "you don't really know me, do u?"
so what HAVE i done?
:: i left longer-than-post comments... then left comments exclaiming how sorry i was for the long comment... then replied to the reply to my comment! all this on ONE blog!
:: i harassed ppl drowning with work to chat with me/mail me.
:: i took to FB like i never have...i did tags on FB! and tagged ppl who'd specifically asked to not be tagged!
:: i did not/still do not login to gtalk as often. and didn't miss it so much.
:: when i did login.. i caught up friends i hadn't caught up with in a while. making it that much more worth my while.
:: i ate. a lot. so much that i almost began feeling guilty for world hunger.
:: i OD'ed on television. and now can survive in rainforests, snow, live in a tent after building it, survive a grizzly attack yada yada yada...ALL theoretically, of course. i watched a LOT of what i'd call B-grade english flicks... and loved them! also caught up on x-men and potter.. back to back, that too!
:: bought a pedometer and put it to good use. for a while, at least!
:: of course, i troubled vin - who, incidentally, is extremely occupied. but that's like part of daily schedule. and we can't miss that, can we?!

so what's new? apart from the template... *feel free to comment on it too*
:: one tag a month. that rule will stay. i shall pick tags - if i get tagged - and do the one that kicks me most! if i don't get tagged, i may flick one, if i feel like. but that's upto me.
:: no daily posts unless it's rather interesting. to me, of course!
but yes, i will try to write regularly.
:: no anon comments will be published - unless i KNOW who anon is! ;) good, bad, anything. comments will be published at my discretion.
:: if you leave a comment and don't want it published, pls state so. i shall not publish it.

and of course, all rules here are subject to change. coz i change my mind pretty often. so a lot of things may be self contradictory. don't think u're very smart *yes - YOU* if you notice discrepancies in what i wrote 2 years ago and now. i've changed since. like i should have!
also, as i've mentioned sometime ago... take everything with a pinch *or a spoon* of salt. i don't take life too seriously... this blog is no exception!
and now.. back to blogging! soon.


La vida Loca said...

Like template

Suma said...

harassing hubby is shows all is well!

its nice to take a break once in a while and just laze, without feeling guilty. :P

and change teh template, gives me the blues...

and yes, i'm glad ure back!!!!!

mimi said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy Welcome back! you were sorely missed.

Prats said...

OK...let me start by saying " I LOVE YOUR TEMPLATE" the color is so lovely and the fish...mmmm

nwo to the post...ok I got your point....I wont ping you, i'll tag you some more ( first let me do those tags you left me with on FB )
and ya...nothing like relaxing...

Prashanti :) said...

awesome awesome awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

welcome back raysh !!!! and love the template !!!!!

Pavi!!!! said...

Welcome back!

n this template is nice..but yet not YOU, Ray-Ray! i sumhow find it hard to imagine u as a calm n composed person(which blue represents!)! in my mind ur sumone whoz full of energy n color!

Mystic Margarita said...

Lol! You've been busy! Welcome back! The new template is cooool! :)

Suruchi said...

i love your blog!

K3 said...

Nice look, but eh whatever happened to the little kitten, she was cute?

Kippie® said...

Yay! Ur Back! :)

PURN!MA said...

Pre 1. GLLLLLAD to welcome u back. not that u were totally missing the crime scene! :D :P
1. Liked template
2. can publish this comment.
3. good to know u stick to tag a month rule.
4. amazed at how much we SP-ed on tag rules.
5. until next tym... goodbye. :P

DewdropDream said...

Muah!!! Welcome back :D

And all that you listed was made to happen to me, by you of course :D

I do however take exception to the stalking bit because you disappeared JUST as much as you hounded. Me missy you. Come back to naarmal sooonish :D

Lauve you!

rayshma said...

k3: u called my tiger cub a kitten! :(
kyra grew up.. i left her in the sesrengeti.. where she's now happy. or so i would like to believe! ;)

dewey: i'm naarmal... gtalk isn't. frikkin thing died on me just as i decided to come back.

everybody: do i love y'all or what! feels good to be back... and have ALL of u still here! :)
galadriel: u're conspicuous by thy absence. i'm gonna kill u.

alice-in-wonder said...

I see a post saying ' Im gonna be away', so I don't stop by. Then one day I do, and see 3 posts back-to-back. Lady, do you mislead or whaaat!!?

Lavs said...

Am I the only one who says that this template does not suit you....
but glad that you are back here...

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Glad to see my reader show me new posts from your blog.

But i hate this small screen view of your thoughts. Feels like reading it on a PDA. Please increase the width of your blog posts if possible.

I liked the blue background, but would have preferred a much complete view of the fish.

Honestly, this new template doesnt match up to any of your older ones. Pretty disappointing in comparison. I am sure you will soon find a much better and more appropriate template for your blog.

rayshma said...

sarfraaz: good to know u're still around :)
teh post space... unless u help with the code.. i really can't increase it. will try to in a coupla days... don't think it'll help! :D
as for the template.. well, this is the 4th since morng... so i dunno which one u'd commented on! :D this one, is staying... and i'm sure u'll think it's more apt! ;)

lavs: how abt this one? ;)

alice: this was my test... to see who's loyal! ;) hahaha... no... i guess real life is too over-hyped... i love being here! :)

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

hmmm ... The Pink Devil .. yeah, its more apt now ;) .. but i hate staring at this black background. Lighter background is more soothing to the eye...

DotThoughts said...

welcome back :) and pink devil... sooooooooooooooooooo :) me likey. but change to spring colors na.

Anonymous said...

now I among your readers