Feb 1, 2009

nuggets of vin-dom

uttered in the past week. by the other half, of course.

how and why he always wanted to get married:
"i wanted to get married when i was in 3rd standard.
i thought if i get married, i won't have to study."
*this from someone doing his PhD... 2 years post marriage!!!*

on DDDs gtalk mesg of "eh kabootar, khau kya terko?"
"she should cut an album...
title it the eh kabootar series..."
*and then he went on to elaborate songs, customising them to fit the album. more on this here on her space.*

"we won't pay galadriel for singing. we won't tell her we're recording.
we'll requeshht her to sing for us... and discreetly record while she's singing.
that way, we won't have to pay her!
hee hee."
*AND, they think i won't tell her!*

on waking me up at 6.00 am every morng and finding me rather slow & grumpy. while he's rather alive and alert!
"this suits us perfectly. our IQs are at an equal.
and u don't have comebacks for everything i say!"

to his mom who asked him to stop troubling me:
"what other work do i have to do?"

on a suggestion from dewdrop that we call our dog "item"
"then what do we call her?"

on galadriel's suggestion that we call our dog "matar paneer"
"erm... what if we accidentally eat him someday?"

on him preferring dewdrop over suruchi as his moral support:
"i know suruchi would be more on my side if ever the need were to arise.
but i can't be scared of my moral support no?"
*i think dewdrop and he are hiding the fact that they're related*

on mail:
"i'll get late today... say 6/6.30?"
*he comes home EVERYDAY after 7. and this was late...?*

this sunday - when he dodged me around the chair saying "kabaddi kabaddi..." touched me and ran to the other corner saying "i got the entire team out... by myself!"
me: you DO know i can blog this, eh?
vin: you won't. if you do, then everybody will know you're not the only mad person here!
*well well... :D*


DewdropDream said...


Vin rocks!

Galadriel said...


Your marriage wouldn't be half as entertaining if it weren't for your better half. HAHA.

rayshma said...

galadriel: you have nothing to say about THAT traitor??? she teams up with him behind our backs... and then comes sobbing to us saying we don't louve her!

dewdrop: maska mat maaro! u still need me if he has to adopt u! :P

La Vida Loca said...

this is fun!

Pixie said...

As Dewdrop says, you guys are adorable! :-)

Suma said...

hilarious!!!! and a perfectly nice reason to get up for...


~nm said...


You guys are a bunch of funny and totally crazy people! :D

Pinku said...

hehehehehe....Love you both!!!

Am so sorely tied up with work...u gave me the perfect excuse to grin today!!! thanks...

btw what did u call ur dog finally ??? or are u still calling it dog?

Suruchi said...


rayshma said...


suma: parde ke peeche...??? what's with the pic?! :D

pinku: NO dog yet! that's the most hilarious part. doggie aaya nahi, he's been named AND eaten!

~nm: that IS a compliment, right!? :D
hee hee.

pix: thankee! :D

loca: :D

lostonthestreet said...

thought if i get married, i won't have to study."

alice-in-wonder said...

you guys rock!! :)

Keshi said...

LOL Raysh very cute!


Pavi!!!! said...

Hhaha ! Madness....i love it !!!this is wat they call mutual entertainment..i guess!

n wat was the hubby's reaction after readin this post? :)

DewdropDream said...

I don't see how you can accuse me of maska maaroing when Vin himself has said I will take your side when it comes to that point. *pout* Me no talk to you... go. Me sulk.

Suma said...

that's a pic of me playing ludo with my six yr old... we were on the patio, the cameraboy was inside the room, clicking away...

Le taureau said...

Lovely. :-> Had me smiling all through.

rayshma said...

taureau: :D

suma: interesting! :D
will u blog now?!

dewdrop: his saying se kya hota hai?! he still thinks u're on his side! :D

pavi: no no.. he doesn't read this blog! :D

keshi: :) thanks, gurl!

alice-in-wonder said...

I come here after ages to leave you a comment and what do you do? You ignore me. Hmmph. Look at Galadriel... she curtseys when I comment :P

rayshma said...

i am SO sorry!!! :D
hahahaa... and erm... me curtsying would be rather funny! :D i'll let galadriel do the girly stuff! :D

but no, seriously.. blame it on my age! i'm becoming more forgetful by the hour!! mmuaah!!

DewdropDream said...

The point is YOU keep thinking I'm taking sides at all. And as I told you earlier, I am not. cannot afford to and won't until you adopt me :P

You no louve me. :(


rayshma said...

dewdrop: i louve u. lots. bas?!

lost: erm... for some strange reason... i didn't get a mail saying u'd commented.. sowwie!
and YOU can stop studying/working once u marry. look at me?! :D
unless, of course... u THEN decide to do a PhD! :D

Monsieur K said...

ROTFL!!! :))))))
u guys are rocking!!! :DDD