Jan 20, 2009


flicked from DDD's space. i know i have a few tags and stuff pending - will get to it next week - once i'm back to regular internet speeds!

till then, to remind y'all that i aint dead yet. and to feel good abt life!
compliments received and r'bered:

you somehow manage to retain your friends, friendships and professional relationships despite being competitive to the point of cut-throat. i wish i could be like that.

(ex-colleague. during a rare heart-to-heart)

she has employers lining outside while she's interviewing with one inside.
(alas. not true anymore!)

you're one of the most secure people i've known. and i love that about u.
(dewdrop in london.)

i didn't realize it while working with you - but you're the best boss i could have ever had!

how can you be so clear about what you want to do with your life?

(an ex-friend. ages ago)

i've always admired your sanity, levelheadedness and the discipline to not spread out your emotions in a weak moment. it's extremely rare.
(one of the nicest things i've heard about me. said by someone whose opinion matters.)

there's a lot you can learn from her.

(suruchi to another colleague who was thinking of sharing a house with me)

there's still hope for her. seeing you reassures me.
(my bhabhi in austin, on realizing that her daughter has my eating habits.)

you keep me sane.
(vibs. on mail.)

b'bay will never be the same without you.

(said on two diff occasions! by vibs and suruchi)

meri beti par uski kaali parchai padi hai

(suruchi to her mom, explaining why advika has my habits. and knowing how much she loves me and advika, it IS a compliment)

you know what to say and when

(MIL, recently!)

you're the best friend one could have.
(J, in a mesg)

P.S.: compliments from Vin are not included under the purview of this post. :D


Galadriel said...

I'm sulking :(

Prashanti :) said...

hmmm .... counting your compliments huh ...
good good..

DewdropDream said...

What?! ONE mention?! I gave more than one measly compliment!!!!

Okay am acting out. Your self-assuredness is indeed the best part of you. And somehow... I've felt better about myself in the months that I have known you. Aapka aashirwaad mujhpe sada rahe Catty mata. I louves the you :D

Anonymous said...

hey rayshma!
u dont know me but i've been following your blog for some time now..and they really lift my spirits when i'm down! just wanted to say thank you and keep blogging!

Pixie said...

I've said so many nice things about you too!!
How come they don't get published?!!! :-D

PURN!MA said...

:) got to know you even better through this post.

Suma said...


feels good to have it written down, na?

now, now, compliments from the hubby is a MUST!

Pinku said...

U are the cutest blogger around...add that to the list please...and mind you this is not an award i am passing on to ten others.

Pixie said...

Mail id pls? :)

rayshma said...

pix... leave me urs.. will mail u? won't publish it. promise! :D

pinku: that is SO sweet! thanks!! will edit it soon.

suma: hehe.. yes! and no, no comments from vin! :D

purnima: mind u.. that's only what's said. i neither agree nor say it's true ;)

pix: hehehee... they will. eventually! :D

anon: thanks! feels nice to hear this. :)

dewdrop: aww... i lauve u! habby?

prashanti: hehee.. yeah.. severe times call for severe measures! :D

galadriel: sambhar goddess ki jai ho!

Suruchi said...

you are a complete package :-) love you!!!

Pavi!!!! said...

Wat a wonderful xcercise this is !!!

guess we've discussed before..Modesty is defintetly not thy middle name ;) hehe!

DewdropDream said...

@ Pavi: Actually, she only seems to give that impression. She just knows her mind well enough and is confident enough to not have to adopt false modesty :)

DotThoughts said...

ok here is one from me : I wish I ahd your sunny outlook! Are you ever in a funk?

rayshma said...

dottie: aww... how sweet! :) hehe.. yeah, but when i'm in a funk i'm not the best person to be around! :D

pavi: :) i didn't say these abt me! :D merely feeling happy abt them. try it... it sure does feel nice :)
how've u been?

dewdrop: there u go again! :) muah!

suruchi: the love is SO mutual! :D thanks, babes! for everything! d'u remember when u'd said that, tho.. and to whom?! coz i do! ;)

Pavi!!!! said...

@RayRay n Dewdrop : I was only joking abt the modesty thing! pls not to be mistaken.

n yes..im doing fine , tho life is goin on at a crazzy pace! how u been?is ur internet up n runnin or not yet?

rayshma said...

pavi: chill, gurl!
yup... net's fine now.. i'll be online from next week! :)

pls read the whole piece before u judge. properly. including what's written in brackets.
also, these are not things i say about myself or advertise. though, this is my space - i can say what i wish here.
if u read, understand and comment - i shall publish ur comments. if not, plz don't waste ur time. :)

DewdropDream said...

You got a TROLL???!!! HAHA!! That's a milestone you know... ;)

Keshi said...

wut abt my ones? :(


TheKing said...

I liked the meri beti par uski kaali parchai padi hai''the most.. makes you sound almost like a witch, complete with pointed shoes and hat, broom can be optional! :-D

And did I tell you that your 'tch' is the best way of expressing things that only friends understand. Been a while since I heard that 'tch'.

rayshma said...

king: HAHAHA..!!! that is SO sweet! :D
and yeah, i'm sure u could visualize me as a witch!!!! had u gone for that 2win meet? :D
will see u online soon.

keshi: i restricted this one to compliments from ppl who've met me, actually. which is why a lot from my blog pals have been missed out. will do another one for blog-pals! :)

dewdrop: hehee... why do u think i practice moderation? ;)