Apr 4, 2007

y i read comix...

came across this here.

found this & the rest of the site damn kewl. maybe, V's in-process PhD helps me enjoy these better.

but this, in a way, also explains why i love comic books!


Orchid said...

so you like comic books..no wonder your niece/nephew love you so much :)..btw what is V getting a PhD in?

Monsieur K said...

you bet! comics are indeed gr8 fun to read. i enjoyed reading Richie Rich, Phantom, Mandrake, Amar Chitra Katha, Superman, Spiderman, Tintin, Asterix, Archies :D
these days, its restricted to reading Garfield, The Better Half, Archies, et al in the online version of ToI.

your blog makes an interesting read. :)

and thanks for the comment on mine.


rayshma said...

hi orch,
V's a vet microbiologist. he's doing his PhD in virology; spclsng in avian influenza. my frenz can't figure out what he does, so they call him a chicken doctor! lol!

hi ketan,
me too! me love comics! i love calvin & hobbes, besides garfield...
hope to see u arnd more often! :)