Apr 5, 2007

ma knows best!

"when ur mother tells u to get a life - THAT is when u realize what a loser u've been"

- ma said it was cool if i wanted to be a choreographer. even said i should join SDIPA when i had d chance! i decided on media instead! at that time, i thought it would be a more lucrative option for me. *HAHAHA*
- ma said "curly hair suit u better than straight". i went ahead and straightened my hair. after 2 years, they looked neither straight nor curly. now, am stuck!
- ma said "get your hair colored. auburn suits u"... i got a bright red mix! after a month, i looked like those aunties who apply henna! *2 years later, i repeated this experiment. i never learn, do i!*
- ma said it was okay to stay at friends' places overnight as long as she knew where i was. i always returned home before 12. *ok, i confess... i HAD to sleep in my own bed!*
- ma said i needed to be more social. i went right into my shell! am still emerging out of it.
- ma said i should find myself a guy & have a love marriage. i treated that like a trick question! ultimately, they had to go through the trouble of finding a groom for me. *u did well, ma!*
- ma said i should be independent. always. i quit my job, left the country... and am now on a dependent visa, where "legally", i can't work!
- ma said i'm not too fat. i only look human now. i have decided to lose some more weight. *DON'T ask what hpnd to d decision.*

the only time i was obedient was when ma said "u don't need to learn to cook. u'll manage when u have to." i didn't even know how to light the gas till i got here. after marriage. and here, u don't light the gas. u just switch it on.

well... as they say, ma knows best!


L E T A U R E A U said...

Great posts raysh! All of m! Were very perky. Cudn't help but smile. Was well worth takin a break from books. Do keep m comin.

rayshma said...

thx, taureau...
on a break rite now.. hopefully, will be back soon.

emgeez said...

just a walkabout thru ur world. this particular post resurrected so many memories for me too... And, ur rite, ma always knows..wonder y we didnt figure it earlier? keep writing.:)

rayshma said...

true, emgeez! but i guess it all happens in good time. at least we know now!