Apr 3, 2007

tell some more...

Here's my first tag, courtesy SM. hmm... lemme see what it is that i haven't blogged abt me... of course, if u know me, these 5 won't be so lesser known.. but to a lot of u.. they cud be!

a. i get into phases. i used to have a work mode - where i cud work 24/7 and be happy. and a chill mode, when i wudn't work - no matter what! i used to have lachcha paratha and butter paneer *without dhaniya* from home deli on a DAILY basis. did that for, i think, 5 months? i've had my parle G, croissants, muffins, cheese omelette, fried egg... even people phases. recently, i had peanut butter sandwiches everyday for two whole months. now, i've switched to nutella.

b. i'm very cat-like. i'm quite a cleanliness-freak, am possessive, am bright without needing to make it obvious *at least, i like to think i am!*, i have a lot of attitude, i HAVE to get my meals on time *or i get VERY edgy*, i keep digging my nails into d couch/chairs as if to sharpen them and yes, i meow. when i'm hungry... bored... thinking... confused... stretching... yeah, rite now as well! also, i get startled quite easily. and my reflex to wotever startles me is to "claw" it. close frenz say this is coz i was a cat in one of my nine lives. V sez it's coz i'm a cat in this life. akin to d "ichchadhaari nagin?" - he says i'm an ichchadhari kittie.

c. despite not being social, i'm ALWAYS very nice to "help". this includes drivers, maids, *back home, of course!* waiters, ushers, cabbies. to the extent that waiters at my regular jaunts know almost as much about me as any of my acquaintances! and i know their entire life histories! i do not like people who treat help with disdain.

d. i'm superstitious in my own way. i believe that letting anyone in on something that's in the process of hpng will result in that "thing" not working out. i believe that sprinkling a smiley on my coffee makes my day go off well. i believe that wearing my right shoe first is good for me. i believe in the power of the number "9".

e. i'm quite a good dancer *tho i say so myself!* i used to be part of a troupe whilst in college... and we used to participate in inter-collegiate fests et al. we also won quite a few of those. had learnt belly dancing while in muscat... have to confess, LOVED it! but never practised, so can't do it any more! but take me to a disc... and i HAVE to be adequately drunk to boogie!

there! my laundry's out in public!
i tag: sarfraaz *u shud do this*
minal, svety or anybody else who drops by - pls feel free to do this if u wish *no, it aint mandatory*
everybody else *except the above* who i know drops by, has either become dormant on blogger or has already done this! how i wish suruchi had a blog! *evil me, laughing*


Noodlehead said...

thanks for giving a peek into you :) i'm superstitious too....i belive in always, always, always wearing my right earring first and i HAVE to always wear my trousers before my shirt. If not, i might just stay at home and save myself a lot of pain..lol! BTW, can I blogroll you?

rayshma said...

u're welcome! :) isn't it strange abt these things?! they seem so silly, but SO very true!!
heyy, pls feel free to take up the tab & do a 5 on u! will be good to read :)
also, i cud almost swear i'd blog-rolled u!! and i have no clue where it went!!! blogger mindf$#@s me, at times... :(

rayshma said...

me and my typos! i meant taG, up there!

SM said...

thanks for taking up the tab.
I am superstitious about letting anyone in on something i am hoping will happen, but i just have to share it with one other person. Just one and I am done. I am kinda silly that way. Oh that's #6.:)

Orchid said...

let's see..i get into phases too, am superstitious in my own way too (feel my brother is unlucky for me :), i am a people person too make friends with the help quickly (part of it has to do with me being very chatty ), both uj and I can dance alright...so there....we have ton in common :)

rayshma said...

u're always welcome! just hope i didn't repeat anything i'd listed already...
yeah... if u think, i'm sure u'll come up with another set of 5... hehehe!

THAT is a new one! u think ur bro's unlucky for u... hahahhaa... i hope my bro dsnt think that way of me! :D
V can't really dance... but yes, he's getting there... with expert guidance, of course..;)