Dec 27, 2010

in conversation... again.

A few days after we moved-in to our current apartment (Yes, we've moved again!), V came to pick me up at the station and wanted to go out for dinner.
V: you want to go straight or you want to go home and then go out.
me: home, please.
V: but... we can go straight for dinner.
me: HOME. i need to pee!
V; the restaurant will have loos, i'm sure.
me: tch. No! Home.
V: why? You need to mark your territory?


we had friends over for christmas. one of them was accompanied by her boyfriend. our initial plans were to gang up against the boyfriend (the rest of us v/s him, that is) and pelt him with snowballs.
but of course, there was no snow on christmas day.
to pacify us disappointed souls, vin came up with an alternative:

"there's ice in the freezer. let's hit him with that!!"


we haven't had much time to converse the past couple of weeks.
this morning, i decided to give it a rest and at least have b'fast together. the topic somehow veered to how some men are really hen-pecked. (Yes, I know... we discuss other people over rare conversations. don't judge us!)

vin: sometimes, i really wish i was also hen-pecked.
me: eh?
vin: you're okay with whatever I decide to do. you don't nag me.
me: yeah, i'm the coolest wife you'd ever have found.
vin: but i W.A.N.T. to be henpecked. you refuse to peck me. please peck me?!



PURN!MA said...

Vin SHOULD have a blog of his own... I would love to read all this "in his own words"

DewdropDream said...

Hee hee!! :D I wants to come baccccckkkkkk!!!

Anonymous said...


Post padhke accha laga... as though you were on a vacation and have now come back.


Preethi said...

I wish there was a like button.. double like !! ;)

Beyond Indigo said...

I love this! Give Vin a biiiiiiiiig hug from me:)