Dec 2, 2010

just like that.

there are days.
and there are days.

some days you wake up with a spring in your step. and you try really hard to not let external situations affect you. but they do.
and you can't help but feel dejected. and the fact that you try so hard at maintaining those "happy" pretenses just makes you feel worse. and you have so much on your plate, that you can't afford to put anything but your best foot forward.

and then, you talk to a friend. you play good, happy music. you look into the mirror and dance your heart out. and the world is so much better. just like that.

good friends, email, cell phones, music, full length mirrors.
what would the world be without them.


Anonymous said...

I take the liberty to add good food and poor jokesto that lovely list :-)

Titaxy said...

true :)

nice to see your psot after a while

La vida loca said...

pretty darn dull

Pavi!!!! said...


:) @ the mirror!

Tigress said...

Next time pamper yourself...its exhilarating ;)

And yes, life is pretty dull without them....

Pinku said...

hope u are in a more upbeat mood now...and whatever it was that threatened unhappiness has disappeared.

Stay happy and good..

and yes life wouldnt be good without friends, coffee, chocolates and music..but most importantly friends as they bring along the rest ;)