Sep 3, 2010

of warming up... and liking me.

*edited to add another convo, by public demand.

since nothing exciting is happening in my life - besides on-now, off-now weekends, stalled cars and late night train rides, here's for a couple of the conversations that I can recollect.
we'd gone to get take-out from a newly opened desi restaurant. the lady there, while really sweet and friendly, had a thick manglorean (?) accent. (i cannot place south indian accents - so i could be wrong) she got us our order in a container and asked:
should i warm it for you?

vin looked at her - with an extremely quizzical expression, and went "HUH?"
i realized he was missing the point.
i also realized that asking him there, would not be wise. so I told the lady "i will warm it, thank you"

later, in the car, i looked at vin and said "what happened there?"
he explained:"i thought she's asking "should I VOMIT for you?" and i was like... What?! WHY?! NO...EWWW... HUH?!?! and all that was flashing in my head... till you replied, and i realized what she'd said!"


we were in the car at a red light. the car behind was a little too close for comfort. vin drove ahead a bit. the car behind followed.
vin: get AWAY from me! i do NOT want you so close. me: huh?
vin: the truck. behind. tell him to get away from me. why does he like me so much!
me: maybe it's a girl who likes you.
vin: the truck doesn't look like it's being driven by a chick. it's a guy.
me: then maybe the guy likes me, so he's following us. vin - very seriously- : no, honey. you don't know. nobody other than me likes you.

whenever we book a rental car, we usually go with enterprise. i've called them on numerous occasions, and ALWAYS it's someone called "chris" who answers the call. whether i call their customer service, their offices - in different locations, or different cities, even - it's always "chris".
so i was mentioning it to Vin that maybe they have an employee name kinda thing going on. where everybody who joins has to call himself "chris".
but, of course, the PhD has wittier explanations
vin: no, no.. nothing you know. it's because this IS a 'chris-tian' country.


Anonymous said...

There you are! :D
Vomit- lol!

I love saying to AB that nobody loves you, except me :P
We are so modest Ray :P

Doli said...

"no, honey. you don't know. nobody other than me likes you." - hahahah I almost fell off my seat laughing at this line :)

DewdropDream said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE Vin and his dialogues!!! :D

Roli Bhushan-Malhotra said...

How sweet! But why so short? Write more! I was so enjoying myself....

rayshma said...

it feels so good to post after this long and STILL get instant comments! love y'all!!

roli: i have ADD... besides, i couldn't remember more! :D i should note them down when they happen next time! :)

dewey: and i don't mind you loving vin. am i growing up?! or is it coz i louve you too!

doli: you loffin at me?! hahahaa... i found it funny too... so much that i forgot i should be offended by it! :D

divvsss!! you're stalking my blog?! that psycho dewey will claw you - beware! :D
it is rather damaging to the self esteem - this confession of nobody else loving us, u know?! :P

Titaxy said...


welcome back, ray...hope to see more posts around here :)

PURN!MA said...

ha ha ha ha ha ... I like you; you can tell your husband this. *and tell him I'd stalk you too* lesse if it makes him a wee bit jealous?

rayshma said...

purnima: i can tell you what he'll say - only girls stalk you! :D

titaxy: thanks! good to know you still visit... i will sure try to post more often.. :)

Prashanti :) said...

so, you "vomited" the food yourself huh !!? :) :) And, man Vin should compile and copyright his dialogues :)

Prashanti :) said...

Us Ph.D types are naturally witty, wise and clever with words :) :)

rayshma said...

prashanti: yes, i said "we will vomit ourselves! please don't do anything" HAHAHAHHAA....
but i AM amazed that the PhD doesn't drain all the wit outta you guys! ;)

SEV said...

"Christian".. ROTFL :D

Tigress said...

Hey Raysh, so good to see you back...had been wondering where you had disappeared :)

Vin is witty to read your convos.

On a side note have you ever been to Mangalore? :)

Keep them posts coming :D

UTP said...

hahah... funny...

Anonymous said...

Yay. You're back. Happy happy.


la vida loca said...


rayshma said...

loca, sev, utp, alice: :D

tigress: thx! and yep, been to mangalore...long time ago, though. why?

roop said...

the enterprise thing had to have me comment. in calgary, we had three different occasions in a year, i believe 2005, that we had to rent a car and we went with enterprise all three times. But we went to three DIFFERENT locations. And guess wha? The SAME guy who provided us service at the first location the first time was there at the second location the second time AND at the third location the third time. He had been transferred and we apparently kept following him! haha I don't know if he is still with Enterprise though because when we were in Canada this year, he was not at the Enterprise we last left him at. ;p

Tigress said...

asked just like that, since you mentioned mangalorean accent :p

I've grown up around there :)

rayshma said...

tigress: my mom's from around there too. so i've been there a couple times. i am not very good at placing accents, actually - i can isolate it to a braod region, but can't be sure about details.

roop: OMG! wow!! that is some co-incidence! I should check whether this is the same 'chris' :D

Pavi!!!! said...

The conversation u have are such fun Rayray! :)

n i tell my V "Nobody but me loves u..u know that?!".. is that a wrong thing to say? :P