Oct 3, 2010

long time...

a lot has been happening.
amongst other things - for those of you who came in late - i'm back to school. after four years of procrastinating and choosing alternatives, i've bitten the bullet. and school is one whirlwind affair.

when you get used to having your time and space to do things that you like; it's difficult to adapt to a routine which requires you to be at your sharpest at any hour of the day. to get back to reading case studies and writing papers. to listening to a prof talk for close to three hours. difficult is an understatement.
so yes, it's been different. and difficult.
but i'd like to think i'm getting the hang of it.

the positives... realizing that you haven't lost the touch to befriend people. people that you genuinely like and get along with. it's comforting to know that people like this exist. that the possibility of finding 'good' friends still exists.
that there still is hope.

the negatives? not being able to speak to people who sort you out. who know you. who love you. who miss you. no matter how many times you say "i miss you", it's just not enough to convey how much i really miss connecting with the people i care for. and saying that i'm busy makes me feel very inefficient and inadequate.
so yes, i'm hoping i've managed to adapt. and that i will make time for things i like. and the people i love.

hopefully, i won't abandon this space either. this blog means way too much to me to let it die. so here's committing myself to it. and to school. and to those in my life that make me feel good about being me. you all know who you are... thanks for being so patient. thanks for being around.
means a lot.

p.s.: the humor shall return. soon.


Roli Bhushan-Malhotra said...

Way to go,R! All the best for the dual roles once again!

Pavi said...

oh no! now i feel like i "abondoned" my space. But i'm not writing for a reason! oh darn!, why am i talking abt me..when this is about u!

will keep naggin u with emails girl :)

DewdropDream said...

You're testing my stalking skills aren't you? Hmpfh.

It's just a different sort of life for you now ... don't you go feeling guilty for not being able to do everything. People understand, if they are important they'll always be important and you find ways of being there, schedules be damned. Incredibly proud of you :)

PURN!MA said...

all the best for the school da! so, you all set to get "pahila number" and all kaa? :P Plz do... that'll entitle me to another party. ;)

Pixie said...

Good to see you writing again! Missed ya!
All the best for school as well! :)

Violet said...

Wish you all the best. I am also thinking of going back to studies, don't know how I am going to pull it off. The last I studied was almost 7 yrs back. What school have you joined? Just to gain an insight..

Noodlehead said...

good for you babe! there are times when i wish i were back at school too :) and i sorta am too...Bonbon's started pre-school ;)

Titaxy said...

wonderful...best wishes with school

Kippie® said...

U did it!! xoxoxo

Monsieur K said...

all the best, gal! :)