Nov 24, 2009

here and now...

it's been a while now. a while since i came here. not only here, on this blog... but here, to this place i've now started calling home. and wonder if it actually is home. or it's another of those dreams that i won't r'ber when i wake up.

i have finally started stepping out the door without the camera. so, 'that' touristy phase is kind of over.
and it's an understatement to say it's beautiful. of course, only if you like the countryside, that is. if you're the kind of urban person who thrives on skyscrapers, this isn't the place for you. i was like that, once. a long time ago. i can't seem to remember when that person took the back-seat and let this, nature-loving freak, out.
but i don't know how many mes are within me. so i shall leave that be.

as for now, there's one thing that kind of sums it up for me, here. and considering that this place has a way of making me shut up... i shall quote vin's colleague... who said "it just lets you make the most of a moment... teaches you to 'live'... and appreciate every little aspect."
like the ray of sunshine that peeked out from behind the dark grey cloud. like the white morng, which melted away as the sun shone through... like the green of the leaves, which i don't know when i'd see next...

all in all, it's gorgeous.
and i'm sorry i haven't blogged more often. will try to be regular from next month. or maybe next year?
to all those who asked me where i've been.. i've been around. but i didn't/don't have anything much to write about. will do a picture post once i'm back. till then, happy thanksgiving!


Suma said...

go on rub it in! :)

it sounds gorgeous, i guess if i lived there i would forget i had a family :p

Galadriel said...

muah! and i see you soooooooooooooooooon!!!!

Prashanti :) said...

hey we need some pics okay, so pukka put pics of the gorgeous place next time and happy thanksgiving :)

SEV said...

Its always awesome to live in a place that is poles apart based on the season..

Anonymous said...


Happy thanksgiving .. enjoy your long weekend.


Pavi!!!! said...

Glad your loving the place!

Wish u, Vin and mom a Very Happy ThanksGiving! Have a fun one!

Pixie said...

Happy Thanksgiving babe! :)

Put up them pics!
your new home sounds beautiful :)

DewdropDream said...

The only think you need is an Alaskan Malamute puppy and an adopted Dewey child. Ek ke saath ek free hai, just so you know ;) :D MUAH!

PURN!MA said...

:( where are u? i misses u much much.

Happy Thanksgivin! come bk soon and with good rayshma types posts

Clover said...

Oh I wish! sounds sooo beautiful, enjoy it for me will ya? :)

Kippie® said...

sounds incredible...soooo dreamy....sigh... so when u inviting?!! :)

rayshma said...

kip: come over anytime!

clover: first time here? welcome! :)

purnima: hehehee... u mean, inane, senseless posts which merit random comments no? coming up soon! :)

dewey: YOU gift me the puppy. pronto.

pix: thanks! yeah, it's nice. and it's finally home.

pavi: whatchu do for thanksgiving? hope twas happy! :)

alice: thenks madam!

sev: and just a few 100 miles away to visit, eh? :)

prashanti: pucca will post pics. soon as i unwind and download them.

G: MUUUUAAAAHHH!!! i love you!

suma: hehehee... come over.. forget them for a few weeks! :)

DewdropDream said...


Lo. Puppy diya :D

rayshma said...

abbe english waala chahiye... kutte ka pilla, to be precise. wohi... jiska photo bheja tha!!

MJS said...

I envy you woman!