Oct 13, 2009

oh, dear!

me: vin, cut your nails, dude...
vin: no, it's a defense mechanism. i will not cut.
me: defense?? when a deer crosses your path, you'll attack it with ur claws?
vin: not that deer. YOU, dear. this is all for you!

me chatting with a friend this morng, typed "MIAOWWW" in his window instead of deweys.
me to dewey: dude, i just typed your miaow in Ms window and he asked " subah kya maarke baithe ho aaj?"
dewey: tell him "maowjito hai"

again, chatting with dewey... she types a whole lot of sentences. me, who is busy trying to catch snowflakes... doesn't get the drift:
me: eh? what... who ? taiwan??
dewey: haan. taiwan. tum kya behosh hoke abhi uthi ho?

me to vin: nobody loves me.
vin: suruchi ko bolu kya?!

me telling G that when i told my ma abt baby bear, she thought it was a VERY little baby and said "uthaya nahi usko?"
G: tell aunty that if you'd uthao'ed that baby, then her baby wouldn't be here today!

well, that's what we've been upto.


Galadriel said...

@Taiwan - Tell Dewey it was the effect of the miawjito!!!

Prashanti :) said...

heheheh and obviously youve been upto a lot of fun :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Aha! such random n funny conversations!

hey i have to be behind V's back for a fortnight before he cuts his nails...n now that ur vin told the reason...it all makes sense!

n yesssssssssss...im loving the first snow showers for this winter!

PURN!MA said...

crazy convos... speechless! lol
p.s. been thinking, ever asked vin to do a guest post here? maybe he has his side too, no?

Titaxy said...

rofl...good times :D

rayshma said...

titaxy: :D

purnima: he doesn't even read this blog. and NO, he will not do a guest post here. i give you both sides in SUCH an unbiased manner! even if it makes me seem like a fool! why you want him, eh?! :P
dude.. my bejewelled score became ZERO today!!!!! grrr...!

pavi: hahahahaa!!! your Vs smarter.. doesn't give you such answers! :D

prashanti: hehee!! :D

G: no, no... i did the whole "main kahan hoon" routine for her after that! :D

SEV said...


Preethi said...

busy catching snow flakes?? or busy having miawjito effected conversations with people? I guess both!! Me missing all the snow :(

La vida Loca said...


Keshi said...

ty Raysh, for remembering me! I missed u too, hence Im here today :)

ur posts always make me SMILE...keep up the good work girl!


PURN!MA said...

think abt me...mazha 3 lakh ka score down to lousy zero! Mummmaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! :D



Anonymous said...

You are getting snow already? That drift waala sentence was so out of a Wodehouse... copycatty!! :P :D


Suruchi said...

vin gonna complaint about u to me?eh?!!?lol!

Amey said...

Maowjito? Looks like you got into holiday spirit(s) well before Diwali.

Happy Diwali!

Kippie® said...

Absolutely funny! hehheheheheh!
Total 'pundit' friends u have! hehehhe

Keshi said...

fun fun :)


Rajlakshmi said...

Lolzz such funny convos :) u surely are having fun.

Titaxy said...

there's an award for you on my blog, raysh..come on over.. :D

MJS said...

I tell you.. U managed to land urself a REAL gud hubby! poor him!

Preethi said...

where are you girl?

TheKing said...

Been a month! Aint you back from the dead yet???