Nov 30, 2009

and we're back.

4 days.
5 states.
1 road trip.
lunching with one of my favoritest couples in the whole wide world.
meeting rels you used to like, after a long long time. realizing they're still as nice as you remembered them.
falling in love with the niece you haven't spent any time with before.
some godawesome food.
decent weather. *read, no snow!*
good walks.
good music.
better conversations.
one playful kitty.
happy times.

this is, for me, how a good vacation ought to be.

would have been purrfect if i could've managed to stay with G.. but well, next time. also, it made me realize why i love G so much. i called... the morng of when i was supposed to land at her place, and told her i couldn't make it, as we'd had a sudden change of plans and had to head back directly... and all she said was "no worries. cool." that, to me, is what great friendship is. no explanations, no whining, no making me feel guilty. no sulking. pure understanding. and confidence, that if i could.. i definitely would.



DewdropDream said...


Maine tumko miss kiya. Itnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa saaara.

Galadriel said...


neksht time!!!

i meeeees you!!

Pavi!!!! said...

goood times yea!!!

n ya the weather was simply brilliant! cldn't have asked for better!

but ya the vacation is over :( boo hoo!

PS: u n i may have been in the same city!! more on mail !

Prashanti :) said...

sahi !! nice vacation huh !! me is sand though, the hols are over :(

Titaxy said...


Suruchi said...

me happy for you :-)! You are having a life!

PURN!MA said...

u've been missed. :) WB!

SEV said...

4 days.
5 states.
1 road trip.

Now I'm jealous.

Galadriel said...

@SEV: Why you jealous? Coz your fiancee doesn't let you go road tripping 2 weeks before your wedding?! :D

plush said...

:)..majaa eh!

Vijay said...

Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links...

rayshma said...

vijay: thanks. and welcome. this IS my link... will drop by your space soon.

plush: yep... a good trip is always fun!

G: you can't nag him here!

sev: we should go on one together once your missus has shifted! :)

purnima: MUAH! thanks, babes! feels good to be missed. :)

suruchi: i miss you... lots! really.

titaxy: :)

prashanti: the next one's right round the corner... chin up! :)

pavi: how's the weather now?! i have 8 inches of snow on the steps and the snow storm isn't going anywhere...

dewey: MUUAAHH!! hum bhi tumko miss kiya!

TheKing said...

This almost sounded like a narrative in an opening of a hollywood flick. Last lines would suggest some twist in the story though! :-)