Dec 10, 2009

thoughts for the week.

as always, since there's too much brain freeze for a proper piece... a quick update... lest you think i'm dead and gone... wanted to do mini posts on each. but, then again, one post should suffice.
:: made my first snowman. ever. not for this season. yeah, i know.

:: realized what it feels to be 'dependent'. in more ways than one.

:: some ppl need to know that not everything is to be told to/discussed with everyone. irrespective of how close you may be. there are some things that shouldn't be asked. they will be told, if they need to be. if they're not, it doesn't concern you, in any way.

:: there's this constant 'need' by ppl to be competitive, to be the 'best'. a need, that is not understood by me. i can understand wanting to better yourself, not wanting to be better than someone else. that is where i lose the track. i revel in being average. i 'want' to be average. normal. okay. maybe that's the problem with me.

:: i believe every person enters our lives - unintentionally, most of the time - with an objective. once that objective is accomplished, they move out of our lives. if we're still in each others' lives... we have a greater objective to achieve.

:: if we were to consider our blogs as brands... are we, then, to blog only keeping in mind the blog's core identity? for instance, if 'inane' is the forte of this space, am i not to blog abt anything that may make sense?


DewdropDream said...

Who says branding limits you to one thing only? Pepsi started selling Aquafina and Coke did Kinley. People didn't go 'wtf' and start buying thumbs-up just for that reason no?

And again. People. They're the biggest problem ever. Pesky things. Hmpfh.

rayshma said...

coke and kinley or pepsi and aquafina are separate brands. it's like me starting 2 blogs... one inane, one serious or something else... and then peddling both. and you sample both coz you know me (or rather, coz i nag you to! :D )

Amey said...

No, we want more inane things.

BTW, why aren't the story-writers working on the hot lady vampire - lost guy story, tentatively titled "The Lady Biteth Too Much"? Suggest alternative titles.

Kippie® said...

i luuurve this post.... cant agree more with all your thoughts...but esp the one about "average", competitive ppl etc and btw i wrote abt the ppl being there for a reason thing too! think its called transformations under philosophy on my page... read if you have the time and see if it makes sense :)

rayshma said...

kip: thanks! :) will read it soon as i can! been a li'l tied up of late... but have a lot to catch up on.

amey: i LOVE the title...! :) arre story writer has been busy with that thing called life. a bit weighed down. will be back with the inane pronto! :) don't disown this space yet!

DewdropDream said...

Okay but what if Aquafina started selling flavoured water? People would still buy both no? Like that :D I don't have to be nagged to read two Catty authored blogs but it's nice to be nagged :D ONLY by you. I'll panja maaro anyone else trying that ;)

@ Amey: She IS working on a script ... give it a day or two :D And while I love the suggested title, I have a contribution: "Her bite is worse than her snarl" :D

Although I think I second you on the inane stuff ... more of it is definitely needed!

Prashanti :) said...

inane, meaningful, philosophical, heck, whatever, bring it on girl :)
yay for the first snowman and ignore all the people who bother you.
hey, now that you speak about liking to be average, have you come across ? try it, its fun !!

Anonymous said...

Yay for your snowman. And naah.. don't restrict yourself to inanities.. the odd-bit of sense is welcome too ;)

The thought ":: i believe every person enters our lives ..." it makes me think of, I don't know... good thoughts and a happier world. Sounds crazy, I know. :)


Titaxy said...

wow snow man eh? i made my first ever one two eyars ago...can't wait for mroe snow ard here so i can make one more :D

and ask for some people who think they need to know everything - sigh...i've been meaning to write about it too, but haven't gotten ard to do that.. anyway..


Pavi!!!! said...

ooohhh..thats a deep post! n i loved reading it!

xcept for the snowman :) hehe!..if time permits..i ll try work on mine this wknd ;)

Answer only if u feel like...Hmm,so was feeling dependent hard to do? Did it bring abt some frustration or sadness?

Valid point!n its time ppl realize that!

The line btw being content with what u have and at the same time striving to achieve more is so darned thin..that sumtimes we donno when we are going overboard. So ya..there is some such things has healthy competition..but thats mostly with the self. Not with others!

Couldn't agree more. Have u read "Many Master Many Lives" by Dr. Brain Weiss...[mabbe we cld have a more detailed discussion on this offline!]

IF the blog was to be considered the brand..the brand of the blog would be the "owner"...n thsi case YOU. and can be ALL that u are...the sensible bit, the crazzy bit, the child,the woman,the wife,the friend.. just everthing thats the brand of this blog!

ooops..long comment..but i really enjoyed this post!

Galadriel said...

let's call the snowman batuknath! :D

Pixie said...

I want to make a snowman!
That's highly impossible as of now in Bangalore... sigh!

Did you give your snowman a name?
When we were in Denver, I always names the one we built as James.
Not sure why though.

People! I agree with Dewey here. Pesky!

Why should you not write about un-inane (is that even a word?) stuff?

I don't care too much about branding or brands.
Loved the post!

PURN!MA said...

write whatever, but write I say. I don't care if it makes sense or they're just words strung together to make a sentence. i love readin ur stuff, n u know it. :)

rayshma said...

purnima: and i love you! MUAH! :)

pixie: as G said... he's called batuknath. was, rather. till shovel-man came and shoveled him away! :)

G: only you can come up with such names! :D

pavi: technically, my visa says i've been dependent since 3 years... the diff is, rules were very diff in texas.. so it wasn't half as annoying. i wasn't 'sad' or 'frustrated' so to say... but yes, it does put things in a diff perspective... let's discuss this more offline! :D

i love long comments! and mails! :D
will pick up the book, haven't read it yet...

did snowman happen this weekend? it's too frikkin cold to go out here!

titaxy: i'm still envious of ur new bookshelf! :D

alice: not crazy... that's the way it should be, actually... strangely, it makes me feel happy without a reason too... :0)

prashanti: will try for sure! i wonder how much there is that i haven't tried yet...

dewey: YOU commit, YOU write! :P
i will do magadh ki hema and mail you in a day or two... from now.. you know what's causing the delay.. so pliss be excusing! :D
vamp movie will have to wait a bit... it's the holiday season after all! ;)

Amey said...

@DDD: That goes on the poster, as the tagline of our movie.

@Rayshma: How about we mash together Magadh ki Hema and "The Lady..." ;)

K3 said...

5th point already seems like a profound statement, though my head is a mush with crazy holiday stuff, so maybe you are already changing your brand. But then again I never thought of my blog as my brand, maybe I am just too naive or you are light years ahead of me. :)

Keshi said...

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to ya Raysh! Hope all is well with ya :)