Jun 30, 2009

plus five

prats tagged me to do the 5 things abt me... and considering she's blogged after all these months only to tag me, i shall do it. also, it indulges the vain me! :D
so, here's 5 things abt me, in no particular order of importance.

- i expect a lot from ppl who i'm really close to. but it's never more than what i would do for the person. it's almost always 50-50.
though, the closer you are to me, the more i tend to take u for granted. sure u'll know how much you mean to me. but i expect you to u'stand when i disappear for a while... and re-emerge. i expect you to continue where we left off. and not sulk and whine. i also give you the same space. and if i do anything to upset you, i WILL make up for it. however best i can.

- i believe that all of us, as humans, are extremely selfish. we evaluate pros and cons of most situations and if we think something may be detrimental for us, we avoid it. there are exceptions. but very few act out of their love for random mankind. we bother about "me and mine" mostly.
and i don't think it is a wrong thing. i accept the fact that i am self-absorbed and move on. unless i manage me and my world properly, how can i think of contributing to anything larger...?

- i believe relationships are very complex. and every r'ship has it's own dynamic. i don't take moral stand-points on r'ships and/or affairs anymore. i used to. till very recently. i believe i've come a long way from being a judgemental bitch to understanding that there may be hues that i neither see nor comprehend. and i leave them be. i no longer think of ppl who put themselves down for their partners as doormats. or ppl who have affairs while in a stable r'ship as bitches/bastards. they have their own reasons. i simply don't judge. and i don't know how long this non-judgemental phase will last - but this is as close as i get to saintly! :D

- i know that i will not lose my individuality. i used to be insecure about this. quite a bit. esp when i had just got married. but now i'm sure. it's something that's me. it may change... it may get better or worse. but it will still, quintessentially, be me.

- how patient i am about something depends directly on how beneficial that thing is to me. at least, how beneficial I perceive it to be for me. which is why i seem to lose interest in things rather soon. however, if i really want something, i can be extremely tenacious. to the point of being a pain in the backside for everybody around me. such things are rather few, but they're absolutely worth it!

i also have dottie's domestic horror tag to do... will get to it in a bit.


La vida Loca said...

I agree with what you say- pretty much all of it. Stupid maturity! Lol

Prashanti :) said...

I love the first one the best :) btw dont you have to tag anyone ???

Mystic Margarita said...

All the points are very true and valid - I specially love the one about individuality. You're right - people change for better or worse, but they remain quintessentially the same.

Pavi!!!! said...

point 1..well half of it..feels like a "Msg to me" ( u'd u'stand when u read my latest post!)

point 2- ditto!

point 3 n 5- makes sense.

point 4 - i cld never imagine u losing ur individuality..it just doesnt fit ur personality!

Ersa said...

with you 100% on pt#3...

Keshi said...

5 GREAT points abt u there Raysh. I absolutely loved em all. u r REAL, GENUINE and HONEST.

**i don't take moral stand-points on r'ships and/or affairs anymore. i used to. till very recently. i believe i've come a long way from being a judgemental bitch to understanding that there may be hues that i neither see nor comprehend.

very well-said!

I used to be judgemental too...I dun deny it. But one day I woke up and realised that I aint God..Im as human as anyone else is. I realised I was an egoistic biyatch, kicked myself out of it and moved on :)


Anonymous said...

nice nice :)

Me will take it up too i think!!


(too lazy to actually log in!)

PURN!MA said...

dunno you enough to say anything for this post. But ya, getting to know you better through such!


Suruchi said...

Post is very very explicit...part of growing ol..yeah!?

rayshma said...

suruchi: i guess. and yo uhave GOT to stop calling me old! :)

purnima: yeah... these tags are good for ppl who haven't read the prev ones to know more... and for those who've been around to know the change! :)

pix: yep.. take it up! :)

keshi: thanks. yeah, i guess as long as we're open to realizing things and trying to make them better - it's all good! :)

ersa: a year back, i wouldn't have thought of saying that! :)

pavi: yeah, i read after i'd posted. and yeah, i know... losing my individuality is not me... but it still used to be a nagging doubt... :)

rita: absolutely! :)

prashanti: HAHAHA.. i stopped tagging coz ppl stopped reading me when they realized i'd tag them! but pls feel free to take it up :)

loca: i KNOW! it's so eww to grow up, na?!

rayshma said...

suruchi: i'm glad u're not selling "explicit" content anymore. :D

Suruchi said...

control nai hua na!? i may get back doing jst that @either of the places :-D!!

Suma said...

lovely points, esp points 1 and 2 and 3...you get the point! :)

rayshma said...

suma: thx! :)

suruchi: BILKUL control nahi hua! i tried - as u can see! :D
and woman, PLZ don't go back to explicit content.