Jun 15, 2009

for 'better' or for 'worse'?

after a really genuine attempt at seizing the cheese fries out of vin's hand... i failed. i don't take that very nicely - not winning, that is. so i did what i do best. i used the claws.
and then, i did what i do next best. i made puppy faces, so he won't get too bugged. *yeah, that still works - depending on the seriousness of the damage.*

he looks at the gash, then at me. and quips:
"thank god you're the better half. wonder WHAT would happen if you were the worse."


DewdropDream said...

Valid point he makes there :D HAppy Anniversary to you both ... can see the man's ense of humour is intact and keeping you entertained. Here's wishing you many more years of happiness! MUAH! :)

lafemmereva said...

:) U being the betetr half contribute to the wholesome goodness!!! Cheers! Happy Anniversary!

Keshi said...

That wedding vow should be rephrased to:

For Better Or For Anything Better Than Better


Happy Anniversary Raysh!


Prashanti :) said...

Happy anniversary raysh !!!!!!!!!!!
next time anything goes out of way.. just quote him and say I am the BETTER half and ask him to listen to you :D :D

Pavi!!!! said...

Aren't we, the female gender ALWEZ the BETTER halves???

Happy Anniversary to U n Vin.. Ray Ray!

Galadriel said...

told you.. the only way a man realizes he is under your control is when he acknowledges that you are the better half. :D

missing you! muah!

Suma said...

weell! if you say it happened for cheese fries, i'll take your word for it ;)

and happy anniv! (hopefully i'm wishing you right this time :))

Pixie said...

Happy Anniversary babe!

Best wishes to both of you and may you retain your sense of humour for many more years to come!! :)

Wishing you many more years of happiness and togetherness! :)

mayG said...

aww how cute is that!
is it your anniversary?! well Happy happy to you :D

Anonymous said...

Anniv? Damn i had forgotten...i'll go with the crowd.. cheers to u n vin.

PURN!MA said...

Ohh! Happy Anniversary aahe?

"Hapy Anniv to you and your better half!!" muuaaah!

*tried singing bhojpuri songs for him?*

rayshma said...

purnima: thankss!!!
husbands can't be the "better" halves! ;)

alice: chalta hai... thenks! :D

mayG: thank you! yeah, it is my anniv...

pix: thx, gurl! yeah... hoping we can laugh the years away! :)

suma: YES... cheese fries indeed. he controls the junk i eat.. didja not know?! :D
and yes, right date, right occassion... thx! :D

G: hail the lady of lorien. she visits me even while she's away. i louve you!!! and you have NO clue how much i miss you!

pavi: of course! no doubts abt that! :D heyy... i've forgotten ur anniv date.. (14th, was it?) but i know it's around now! so happy happy to u too... :)

prashanti: HOW do u think the "better half" was so top-of-mind? hahahaa.. it's constant reminders that do this to me! :D

keshi: thanks, gurl! totally agree on the vows!! :D

reva: thanks! :)

dewey: my very own town crier *as YOU said!* what would i do without you!? :D and stop talking like u've known his for years now! :D
btw, we both lauve you! :D

Lavs said...

Hey, just realised from the previous comments that it is your anniversary...

Many more Happy returns of this day!

How many years of love are you celebrating today?

Mystic Margarita said...

Wow! Just realized from previous comments that it's your Anniversary! Congrats, babes. Wishing you and Vin many many more years of togetherness, for better and the best! :)

DotThoughts said...


Anonymous said...

claws and all..I lvoe it :-)
You Anniversary? Happy Annivesary..But where was it mentioned in the post- or was I supposed to read between the lines- some code which only married ppl know? BAH>

rayshma said...

LOTS: hahaa... no, this wasn't my way of wishing myself a happy anniv. it was merely another post! :D
DDD KNEW abt my annniv, and wished. thereby, letting you guys know that it was my anniv :D

dottie: :D

rita: thanks so much! :)

lavs: thx, gurl! been 3 years now... :)

Pavi!!!! said...

ya...14th it was! Thank u :)

Kippie® said...

LOL! thats is incredible humour indeed! Hang on to him tight Resh! Happy anniversary....:)

rayshma said...

kip: thx, gurl! and the trick is to convince him that HE needs to hang on to me ;)

pavs: whatchu do? no post.. work keeping ya busy?

MJS said...

I couldn't imagine u any worse!!

rayshma said...

MJS: any worse, and i'd be you! :D
how's you doing gurl?! found a cook?! :D

DotThoughts said...


MJS said...

hey woman, u will hv to be a LOT more worse to be me!!!