Aug 25, 2006

u speak english...?

to all the people i've met in the past few weeks i've been here. and who, after a few words commented:
"u're indian? wow! u speak good english, man! did u learn it before u got here?"
(trust me, ALL of them said that. quote-unquote. guess, they're vocab AND intellect challenged here!)

well.. yeah! i went to school AND college, u know.
i know words which are bigger than all d words in your vocabulary put together!AND i know their meanings as well without consulting a dictionary!

i can give u synonyms for words without using a thesaurus.

i learnt english since i was 5 years old. and i speak english since then.

it is sad that i speak english better than my native language. but well, i speak that well too.

i think in english, actually.

and you know what? i speak multiple languages! and understand multiple languages. and write them too!

aint i great man!?

i mean, if there were superwoman... thatz me! rite?

c'mon now! all of u...! worship me, c'mon?

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