Aug 25, 2006

being digital...

discussion with friend. on rotating emoticons in gtalk.

me: all of them rotate. see? (display an array of rotating emoticons)
friend:(let's call him A for simplicity sake) oh wow! how did u get that?
me: d usl emoticon. try it.
A: u rock! teach me also! plzzz?
me: ??? :) simple. semi colon for d winking 1
A: huh?
:0, ;(;(,

it's not working. none of them. helllppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......... puhleeeaaazzzzeeee!!!!!

me: heyy! press a semicolon. without pressing enter, now press an open bracket.
A: ;((((((((((

me: OPEN bracket? d one above zero!?
A: thatz a closed bracket. (so much for language skills!)
me: tch! press that.
A: )))
me: progress! now enter a semicolon before that.
A: i can't get the saucepan
me: wot saucepan???
A: the mouth looks like a saucepan!
me: never mind. try.
A: tell me something.
am i destined to thrive in the dark dingy cave of analogue digitalism?

me: huh?!! no, u're fine. it's okay. itz just an emoticon
A: yeah.
me: m still ur fren, u know!?
A: thanks! i owe u one.

disclaimer: not all my frenz are like this. most. but not all.

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