Aug 21, 2006

strangely usual...

Strange things happen to strange people in strange lands in strange times. Strange? Well… such is life!

I think every time we say ‘never’, god sneers… and says, “really?” Hmm… isn’t it proof enough that we inadvertently end up doing exactly what we’d said we’d ‘never’ do?! Someone up there must be getting cheap thrillz from all this!


Pinku said...


This you wrote long ago but you cant believe how much my life is a testimony to this fact...

rayshma said...

heyy pinku,
this was my first post. i had never thought anyone would read this blog. ever! except maybe minal & suruchi! :D
can't believe i'm still writing... :)
at that point of time... everything that i'd once said "never" to... was happening with me. hence the post.. and my blog was called 'strange people, strange things...' :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Wooow..wat a “strange” n random beggining!  “Never” is like “perfection”..just an illusion!

Coincidence or wat…that this post is visited (almost) xactly a year after sum1 visited it last year!

Anywez..i’m tryin to keep myself entertained at work..n so have decided to go back n read some of ur old old posts…can’t promise I will comment on all of them..but am gonna be stalking ur blog today :D
PS: hope I don’t get caught..’coz ur blog isnt easy to read secretively !

rayshma said...

pavi: hahahaa.. yeah, i'm amazed by the coincidence too! :)
stalk all u want, gurl... just don't tell DDD - she has exclusive rights to stalking me. ;)