Apr 21, 2012

need of the hour

every once in a while, i feel this urge. 
the urge to leave everything and run away. 
i've blogged before about how i love running away. escaping. re-inventing myself after said escape. finding the new me. 

it's been 3 years. will be 4 shortly. since i last escaped. 
i got so caught up in life, and routine that i didn't have the time to 'want' to escape. 

now, it's hitting me. like a wave hits the wall at the beach and dies... as foam. i need to escape. i need to run away. 
i need a change. 
i feel claustrophobic. and it has nothing to do with the stress of job hunting. 
i recognize this feeling. it's not stress. 
i'm beginning to feel settled, and it's unsettling me. 
i wish i knew how else to handle it, but i don't. 
some call it wanderlust. some, plain escaping. 
i don't care what it's called. 
i want it. 
i need it. 


plush said...

can i say "same pinch" raysh?

Galadriel said...

*nodding head in vigorous agreement*

The only way to handle this feeling is to give in to it. Just take off (I won't tell anyone where you go! :P )


DewdropDream said...

As the song goes, chooomantaarrrrrr aaja chal gum ho jaayein.

Please idhar aao ok?

alice said...

I recognize the feeling. Just take off, do. Ofcourse, Vin ko batake jaana.. ya better, saath leke jaana. :)

~nm said...

Here at your blog after a long time...and hope to keep coming frequently now :)

Pinku said...

same pinch ....