Feb 19, 2012

...in sickness

It's a long weekend. some presidents' day or some such.
I knew what it was... but can't recollect right now.

and I have viral. of course.
I never fall ill on weekdays. my illnesses are workaholics as well.
but this time, i confess, i had to take a friday off. I couldn't get out of bed on Friday. I tried, of course; didn't work.

Now, I can. Get out of bed, that is. But I can't really talk. If I don't attempt to talk *yeah, THAT will work*, I'm perfectly fine. But if I do, then I begin to sound like a TB patient. *or rather, like what TB patients sound in Bollywood movies* So, now that I can't talk... I realized the benefits of this space. Where I can talk... as much as I wish. And I don't have to bother my throat to do it.

So, here I am... stuck at home... wondering... how is it, that a dangling string can keep a cat busy for hours... but a human can bore her in minutes... ? What does that say about the humans?!


DewdropDream said...

Cats have been in on the " hell is other people" secret since ages, is liye.

Get well soon! Muah!!!

Galadriel said...

Here's some lulz for you <3

Feel Better!


Anonymous said...

Awwww.... big cuddly warm hugs for you. Get well soon?


Minal said...

awww- would have had loved to see you in the non- talking state for a change