Mar 23, 2010


i was tagged by trish to post 7 random things abt me.
i'm not sure there are 7 such things after 3 years of blogging that regulars here don't know... but it's been a while, i've been tagged, so i shall attempt it.
for the rules, go here.

i. i can switch between immature, child-like girl to wise old woman within seconds.

ii. when i'm not actively involved in a conversation, i almost always look indifferent to what's going on. this may, or may not be true. in any case, you won't be able to figure it out!

iii. i amaze myself with my knowledge of bollywood. i did not know that i knew all of sunita rao's songs or how many movies called pehchaan were released and when. i still don't think i'm THAT interested in this knowledge, but well...

iv. i don't like a lot of ppl. but at the same time, i believe that every individual has something exceptionally good in/about them. i can focus on this good, and get along with almost anybody if i need to.

v. the first time i was reprimanded for something, i was 20 years old. that day, i also got a piece of advice which still helps me. i was told "you need to be very thick-skinned to survive in advertising/media. but don't lose your sensitivity. it'll take you very far. i can see that." i'm not in touch with the prof who said that. but his words remain with me. always will.

vi. it takes very little to make me very happy. i believe i'm a happy person, in general. there are very few days that i am in a funk. and i think i'm rather nice to be around.

vii. i love drifting off. and i find silences comforting. at the same time, i love the "life" of a city. i am still trying to figure out if i'm a city girl or a country. maybe, i'm a bit of both.

there i go. i don't know 7 ppl who haven't done this, and ppl i tag don't necessarily do the tags. so well, if you want to do this, pls feel free to pick it up.


DewdropDream said...

Yes yes, point taken!

This isn't random enough lekin. Phir se try maaro! :D

rayshma said...

what point?
and sharrup. this IS random enough for today.

Trish said... with u 2,6,7!! and love what ur prof said!
Thanks for doing the tag!

Titaxy said...

love what your Prof said raysh.

and I so believe that everyone has something remarkable about them and that is enough to like/get along with the person :)

Pixie said...

niiice... :D

me likey!

I should do this.
I love writing random stuff! :D

Prashanti :) said...

I am sorry, I did not do the film dialogue wala tag :( :(

maaf karo, plz ??

DewdropDream said...

Kyon? Sach bola toh sharrup?!

This is not random enough. I don't like this serious and philosophical Rayshma. Bring back the inanity.

Pthbthbthb :P

rayshma said...

trish: u're welcome. i loved doing this.. :)

titaxy: exactly! you don't have to live with everyone you like.. but you sure can get along just fine! :)

pixie: go ahead, do it! :)

prashanti: hhahaha... arre woh tumhare liye nahi tha! :D

dewey: you are adequately inane for both our blogs. kaafi hai wohi. and what's with the totally unrelated commenting? go, work!
Pthbthbthb right back at ya!

DewdropDream said...

That may be so but your brand of inannity is superior to mine!

MAKE me get back to work :P

rayshma said...

i don't like these troll-like mesgs with emoticons! jo kehna hai seedhe kaho.

and go look up the spelling of inanity.

DewdropDream said...

Everyone's allowed a typo but what's YOUR excuse fr wrtng lik dis?

rayshma said...

MY blog. i'll abbreviate whatever i wish.
i may even delete ur comments if i so wish.

DewdropDream said...

Sure, that's a great way to tell ONLY your side of the story. Hah!

Suruchi said...

this is NOT random...

rayshma said...

suruchi: do it and show me what random is.. ;)

dewey: game over. you scared the rest off, i think...!

DewdropDream said...

Suruchi: Thank you!

Catty: Dekho even Suruchi thinks this is not random.

rayshma said...

next time, i shall outsource my tags to you and suruchi. then we'll see what happens. and as i said, game over.

Anonymous said...

You are tagged girl :)

Anonymous said...

Easy to make you happy? same pinch! :D