Mar 8, 2010


yeah, so i'm back. with nothing, as of now. except a new template.
hope y'all like it. will come back with a post... soon. hopefully.

and yes, will catch up with most of the blogs that i used to read prior to the break.


Prashanti :) said...

yayyyy you are back !!!!! And I like the template :)

Pixie said...

you are back!! good good! :D

template is nice too!

lostonthestreet said...

hey looks like a lot of us have been on a break :-)
Came by after ages,since I was on a break too.

DewdropDream said...

Tu jahan jahan chalega ... mera saya ... saath hoga mera saaya .... mera saaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Just felt like singing that :D


Ab post bhi karo!

rayshma said...

aww... i have all of FOUR ppl still around! and i didn't have to nag 3 of those 4 to come here and comment! :D

lots: how'd ur break go? were you off backpacking? i'm sure you had a much better time than i did...

Anish said...

i prefer light backgrounds and dark font.....dailating pupil stress.

rayshma said...

anish: haan, i get what u're saying.. i somehow, liked the colors on this one... bear with this for a while... will change it soon. anyway, phool-patti isn't very me is what i've been told this morng! :D

Pavi!!!! said...

Welcome back! New template? I just see a black background n nothing else. Is that the change? want ol’ template back !

So ..did it take a lot of effort to stay away from the blogworld?

Greader wont alert me about ur posts:(

rayshma said...

pavi: :D
hahaa... no... there is color in the background.. it's a spring template! :D no clue why it isn't showing on ur comp - took, i think 2 days for DDD to see it too...

reader.. even mine has been playing havoc with my updates. i think google is PMSing.

i didn't have much to blog abt.. so yeah, didn't take much effort this time! :D how've you been?